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Front camera

Same here. I want a front camera park feature!
I had one on my C7 Corvette, which was mandatory due to the long nose and low ground clearance.

Currently, I find myself backing into parking spaces with my Model 3 for other reasons. A front camera park feature would be nice, as the “distance indicator” rarely pickups parking stops.
Camera software is one huge improvement and a low hanging fruit that Tesla can work on. My buddy got a new Q3 last week and the system provides an amazing 360degree top view of the vehicle while reversing.
Telsa could easily build that (they have the hardware). Its the only tech that the Q3 had which was better than the Model 3.
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Actually, the front camera is higher and more forward, so the vantage point is better.

This is what the front camera sees:

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Yup, to be useful for parking the front camera needs to be at a different angle and location. Same goes for the other cameras, those 360 bird's-eye views basically have the cameras pointing down but on the model 3 they are pointed out. Might be possible, but most camera pixels won't see the Right View.
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One easy solution for a front camera is a solar camera front license plate bracket that links with Bluetooth to a small display inside that runs off the 12 volt plug. Costco has one on sale right now for $109 by a company called “S Type” . It works flawlessly. Regular price is $159. Get the wide angle one with double size battery.