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Front facia or bumper visual mod

I saw this on eBay...
I don't know if this is old or (new) news.

Just a visual change on the flat nose of the bumper on the TM3. Thoughts?

Tesla Model 3 Grille-Style 2 | eBay
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Before I bought my M3P-, I always thought the M3 was missing some type of front grill and looked kind of odd as a result. After all, the Model S and X both have something that resembles a front grille. However, after owning the vehicle, I no longer feel that way and have come to love the look of the M3 without any type of grille. Guess over the years, I’ve just been conditioned to seeing a front grille by all the other more traditional vehicles on the road... no grille for me!!

Actually, I really like how & where Tesla’s supplied license plate cover attaches directly to the front bumper. For me, it breaks up that large bare front area just enough and provides a nice “finished” look.
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