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Front panels loose

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Apr 2, 2010
Ottawa, Canada
Has anyone seen this before? My 2012 Signature has an issue with the front body panels below the headlights - they're popping out.




I've also got a rattle coming from somewhere around the left front wheel. I've scheduled service to check it out, though the valet is backed up to Sept 14.
Someone back into you discretely? Having spent a lot of time street parking, that looks like damage caused by a minor parking tap. Pretty often the clip below the headlights fails as the bumper tries to bulge out when compressed, leaving the clip closest to the wheel well intact. That appears to be the exact failure you have here.

As others have stated, you likely just need some new clips to replace the failed/broken ones.
This happened after my encounter with a deer... as it turns out, some of the lower pieces ended up getting pushed back a bit, causing those panels to pop out. I second Gizmo's suggestion. Take a look at the cornering lamp units, do they still look like they're snugly fit into the bumper cover?
Ours came that way (Dec. 2012 non-sig). SC tried twice to correct it...Failed both times. Doesn't bother me...much...or I'd be more assertive in getting it fixed.
May not help much, but my 2011 Volt had exactly the same problem. GM didn't want to fix it but I kept taking it back. Finally they took it into the body shop and they fixed it. Good luck with yours - you deserve to have it repaired under warranty. I hope they're nice about it.