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Front passenger door trim bubbling

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I noticed material defect on my passenger door recently I put in a appointment and Tesla Mobile service seems to auto deny any interior defect claims as wear and tear.


I found a thread on reddit with similar issues however they were able to get it repaired under warranty.

Anyone have any experience getting the service center to cover this under the basic warranty?
Update, my service advisor said no it won't be covered although I had a similar issue covered by another service advisor. Biggest issue with Tesla service is it's highly dependent on who the service advisor is and if they want to help you or not.

For anyone who may stumble on this thread in the future the cost and part# below:
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If they will not cover the repair. Luckeasy store on Aliexpress sales Carbon Fiber and Suede Coverlets for various Model Y Trim pieces.

$800 is crazy, you can buy an entire Carbon Fiber interior kit for like $1200.
I would actually try to go to a body shop to see if they could actually sand that down and color match it....worth a shot.