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Front/Rear Camera Touchscreen Switch Kit - SOLD

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Front/Rear Camera Touchscreen Switch Kit

The Front/Rear Camera Touchscreen Switch Kit was developed by two Model S owners with input from the members of TMC. When the kit is installed it provides the same high-definition view on the touchscreen for the front of the car that is provided for the rear of the car by the rear camera. With a Tesla rear camera mounted in the front of the car, the switch makes it possible to switch from rear to front view when parking your Model S. The front view has the same wide angle of sight as the rear camera and the same high-definition resolution.

With a camera mounted on the front of the car the switch will obviate the need for front parking sensors, as a driver will be able to see on the touchscreen any obstacles that might damage the front bumper or any other part of the front of the Model S. The kit is ideal for owners who bought cars prior to the time the Tesla parking sensors were available as well as those who would like to have an extra measure of protection beyond that provided by the parking sensors. The YouTube videos below show the switch in operation on the touchscreen:

The kit includes the PCB switch itself, mounted in a plastic case, with all components to make it operational, including a wireless remote control that can synced with HomeLink, so switching from rear to front view can be done with via the touch screen. The kit also includes an OBD2 connector that offers a simple way to provide the necessary 12v power and ground connections to the switch.

The photos show a hand-lettered prototype for the PCB switch case. The production version, even though it will be completely hidden after installation, will be professionally lettered.

Installation of a fully operational Front/Rear Camera Touchscreen Switch requires that buyers also purchase separately the following:

Tesla rear camera, part #1006773-00-E. The camera can be ordered from any Tesla Service Center. The cost is about $350.

A cable set to connect the front and rear cameras to the PCB switch and the PCB switch to the touchscreen. The cable set can be purchased from RFsupplier, a Chinese cable manufacturer, and includes three cables: one long cable for connecting the front camera to the switch and two short cables for connecting the rear camera to the switch and the switch to the touchscreen cable. The kit is $54.50. The cable kit can be ordered using this link: http://www.rfsupplier.com/tesla-front-camera-cable-p-2084.html

The camera switch PCB case is mounted in the space behind the driver's side dashboard, which is accessible by removing the small triangular flap on the left end of the dash.

The switch is plug-and play and full installation instructions with photographs are be provided with each kit. Installation will be fairly easy for experienced DYI types and very easy for any aftermarket installation shop.

The pre-production Front/Rear Camera Touchscreen Switch kit price is $225. This price is based on an initial production run of 100 kits and order for at least 50 kits. If a higher number of orders is placed the price will decrease. For example, for 100 orders the price would fall to about $125.00. But for only 25 orders the price would rise to about $450.00. Orders will be taken until Saturday, April 5, 2014 . The final price will be based on the number of pre-production orders actually placed by that time. Production of the PCBs will begin at that time and shipment of orders will begin around the beginning of May. If the final price is lower than the pre-production cost of $225, refunds will be made before shipment. On the other hand if the final price is higher, an additional payment will be required before shipment.

List Date: 3/19/2014

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