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Front/Rear Tint matching question

1st post! taking delivery next month and I would like to get 5% ceramic on the front windows, prob 35-50 for windshield and the same for roof. my wife is allergic to the sun and is light sensitive.
Anyway, what % would i need for the back windows/rear to match the front 5%?
I only had the front windows tinted on my MYP. I used my local Xpel dealer and just told the guy, match the front doors to the rear factory tint. He used a tint meter to get it perfect, and they used the Xpel Ceramic+ film. I'm very happy with the results. I think if you want to add tint to the rears, just have your tint shop figure out the best combo to get it to match.

Personally, I made the mistake of going 5% once for window tint years ago and I swore I'd never do it again. WAY too dark IMO. You can't see jack outwards especially at night. It looked silly too. Tacky IMO.

I think that factory tint is something like 18% or round thereabouts. I typically tell my installer "darkest legal limit" and I've always been happy with the match and performance.

Same with the windshield, lighter than you think is almost always better because if you're not happy with it, removal is a PITA (read: expensive if you don't do it yourself). I think most of the windshield-specific tints are like 50-75% and they do a magnificent job cutting down heat/UV even if you can't really even see it.

Just some opinionated thoughts from someone who has tinted dozens and dozens of cars over the decades.