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Frustrating repair experience

Discussion in 'Model X: Driving Dynamics' started by Jsdds, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Jsdds

    Jsdds New Member

    Jul 7, 2016
    Palo Alto
    We’ve had our Tesla model X for six months now, and I want to share my bittersweet experience with you all. We bought the car in June, 2016. My wife and I loved driving it, and the kids were very excited— good design, smart technology, and very fun and smooth to drive. We were very happy, until a lot of small problems surfaced. The falcon doors could not close all the way down. There was leaking after the rain, windshield double vision, noise rolling window up and down, etc.. Luckily, their service center is close by, but still, we spent a lot of time going back and forth with those issues.

    Worse still, we had a car accident in October. Our tesla was rear-ended on 101, and it was towed to Tesla certified bodyshop-Chilton in San Carlos. (Yes, tesla doesn’t have its own repair center!) The accident was not too bad. We were thankful that tesla kept our family safe. The right rear side of the car was hit by the vehicle behind us, and the suspension, bumper were damaged. The repair was a total nightmare! It took TWO MONTHS before we got our car back! For the first month, there was not much progress at all. Yes, Chilton gave us weekly updates, but it’s the same message every week “We’re still waiting for parts from tesla. There is nothing much we can do right now. Sorry, we don’t know when the parts will arrive, and can’t give you an estimated time for the repair.” It was not helping. So I started to contact Tesla, the service manager, adviser and technician, trying to track down on the order of parts and move things forward. The parts are made right here. It doesn’t make sense for customers to wait months for the parts to arrive. Obviously, there were a lot of things going on between the parts distribution center and body shop, among them is insufficient communication. We felt Chilton did not care about the business from Tesla, while tesla was not providing enough support. We had family came over for Thanksgiving, and we had to cancel the road trip because our tesla was gone. On top of that, tesla said they couldn't provide us with a loaner car because our car was at Chilton, not tesla service center. Unbelievable! The repair was taking forever, and I had no idea when my car would be fixed. I became so upset that I talked to Tesla again, and they agreed to provide me with a rental car. On top of that, tesla said they couldn't provide a loaner car for us since our car was at Chilton, not tesla service center. Later on, I was very upset that the repair took so long that tesla finally agreed to provide me with a rental car. Finally, the repair was done before Christmas. However, it was not the end of the story. When we went to pick up the car, I noticed several scratches on the leather panel. I pointed them out, but one of the staff was very unprofessional and unfriendly. He didn’t care about us or our car, and he thought we were picking on him. “Don’t be mad at me. Look, every car has it. We didn’t touch that part at all. “ Utterly rude! Then the front desk manager and repair manager came out to apologize and took care of it. Still, it was very disappointing. Later on, we found more problems related to the repair. The falcon door was leaking after the rain, and has noise closing. Several parts were not put together in the right order and manner. Enough is enough. I’m not going back to Chilton! So I have them shipped the parts to tesla service center and have them fixed there. Up till today, I’m still dealing with those repairs. After talking with some friends, I found that they also had similar experiences with tesla repair. In my opinion, tesla should slow down the sales and take care of its current owners. Tesla should have its own repair center, with well trained technicians, not some certified bodyshop who don’t know how to repair tesla properly.
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  2. hpartsch

    hpartsch Member

    Aug 6, 2014
    I just had a similarly bad experience at a Tesla certified repair shop... I now believe this certification means very little. At least Tesla responded to you and helped out.

    Fortunately, in the end, the repair shop was able to fix almost all of the issues. After I got the car back and returned it, It took over 3 full days of them working on it to fix everything. The car should have never been allowed to exit the shop how it looked...

    My repair took about 3 months... I was flat out told my car wasn't a priority by the shop as one of the reasons. When you have maseratis and other high end cars being worked on -- I believe $$ was the reason.
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  3. bushburner

    bushburner Member

    Aug 25, 2016
    new orleans, la
    Why was Tesla responsible to loan you a rental car?
  4. Spidy

    Spidy Active Member

    Feb 7, 2015
    Because they are the ones not being able to provide the parts for the repair...
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  5. jaguar36

    jaguar36 Active Member

    Apr 10, 2014
    No manufacturer has its own body repair shop. Backordered repair parts, particularly for the X are a significant issue that Tesla needs to work on.

    Also, giant walls of text with repeated lines does not make your post very readable.
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  6. engle

    engle Member

    Aug 25, 2011
    I'll be posting my own detailed thread if Tesla doesn't do something to restore my good will as a customer. It pains me to say this because I own a considerable amount of TSLA, love my X P90D, reserved it on day #1 (P83 reservation), and want them to be continue to be extremely successful. A close friend and neighbor of mine also got a P90D X delivered a week before mine March, 2016. The day after my X ran over solid road debris on 880, his X was rear-ended on 101. His vehicle went in on 12/1/2016 and it is still(!) at Brooks Motors of Fremont. Latest is all the parts are in today, and it will take about 6 weeks to replace 2 rear quarter panels. Meanwhile, my friend pays ~$2K/mo to lease his $135K vehicle, while driving a Kia SUV from his insurance company.

    Based on everything I learned during my 2 month ordeal recently, this is my feedback to what happened in these cases, including my "take" on what's going on.
    1. Elon's goal is to build and ship as many units as possible each quarter to max. the quarter and max. TSLA share price, which minimizes dilution when they sell more stock to raise capital. The cash flow is selling new S's and X's, not from parts.

    2. Some parts are not available in sufficient quantities for the body shop parts distribution center to keep in stock, e.g. rack-and-pinion steering system, etc. etc.

    3. Parts distribution was closed for 2-3 WEEKS to do inventory at end of year.
    I need to rush off for an appt., but all I can say to my fellow X owners is drive your vehicle extremely carefully, because if it ever needs to go to the body shop, with Tesla's current non-customer-focused system, expect it will be gone for 2-3 months waiting for Tesla to deliver the parts to your body shop, and you won't get a Model S loaner from Tesla.

    Jsdds, thanks for your feedback on Chilton @ San Carlos. Even though Brooks Motors @ Fremont left my X unlocked in their unsecured parking lot during the day when I went to check on it, I think I'd still return there for body work. All they do is Tesla's, and they did an A- job on mine. They "only" missed one fastener, and the plastic shield under the front of the bumper is warped. Tesla Factory Service will take care of those 2 issues next time they get it. My service advisor said they should have caught this stuff when they inspected it when it came back from Brooks for a wheel alignment.

    I agree with you:

    "In my opinion, tesla should slow down the sales and take care of its current owners."


    PS. 1/30/2017 was two month anniversary of I-880 road debris hit 11/30/2017. I'm driving S I-880 again yesterday and my windshield was hit by a stone from a gravel truck when I was one lane away from him! I'm going to leave my X in the garage on 3/30/2017 and just take Uber! I told the guys at Tesla Factory Service my X doesn't like me and misses it's birthplace. :D

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  7. pdpspeed

    pdpspeed Member

    Dec 12, 2016
    Seattle, WA
    Man, this could not be more true. Our friend's Model X was rear ended and has been in the shop for 3 months and as of yesterday, the bodyshop said that they still need at least 2 more months, that is kind of ridiculous in my mind. Also, whats worse is that they are in a 12000 nissan right now as a loaner car, good thing they have another car. Is there anything they can do to speed up the process or get a better loaner?
  8. davidc18

    davidc18 Active Member

    Apr 25, 2015
    Ft. Lauderdale
    These accounts are painful to read.
  9. rainforest

    rainforest Member

    Aug 21, 2016
    Now I'm really nervous. Just got my X two weeks ago, and you can't prevent some accidents like when I was rear ended in November.

    My brother in law got into an accident in his Model S, and he's been without a car for 3 months! Had I known about this issue, I may have chosen to purchase a different car.
  10. Lasttoy

    Lasttoy Member

    Mar 24, 2017
    St Augustine, Fl
    It wouldn't be any different if you bought a new model of any car, I had my brand new vette hit. It took month to get new fender. USAA paid for rental car, not GM.
  11. TM Ownership

    TM Ownership Member

    Apr 15, 2014
    Palo Alto, CA
    We can help -- we have a team of Body Repair case managers at your disposal. Email your name and VIN to [email protected] and they will hop right on your repair. We're shipping 95% of parts within 4 days of order and there's no reason for a repair to take this long. Let us help!
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