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FS (Bay Area): Tesla Model 3 19" wheels, tires, TPMS, extra (new) centercaps

Clearing out storage this weekend and I found a set of wheels and tires I took off my Model 3 a couple years ago that I had completely forgotten about.

They are the 19" wheels (original style) from my 2018 Tesla Model 3. All wheels have curb rash, though some more than others -- see photos.

All tires are Continental ProContact RX (OEM tires). 3 out of the 4 tires are AT or NEAR the wear bars, and should be replaced soon. 1 out of the 4 tires was replaced shortly before I took the wheels off the car, so it has very little wear (probably only 2000 miles' worth, IIRC).

TPMS sensors are included and installed. It's my understanding that Tesla switched at some point from the sensors in these wheels and tires to a different bluetooth variety later on in the production range. I don't know when that switch occurred -- please do your research to determine whether they work with your model year. For reference, mine is a 2018.

Finally, I'm also including 4 new, unused centercaps with the wheels and tires. There's nothing wrong with the ones on the wheels -- I just got lucky at delivery and found these extras in the trunk. Never installed.

Price: $600

Located in the Bay Area.


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