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FS: Tesmanian Model Y Floor Mats Liners

Like-new Tesmanian Model Y Floor Mat Liners

$80 socal pick up only in Irvine, CA. Brand new is $110 with tax and discount from Tesmanian.com. Get it at a discount from me.

Hardly used much, they are like-new. My wife prefers the feel of carpet.

  1. Design to offer maximum protection of the Tesla Model Y floors from spills, stains, dirt, mud, snow and etc...
  2. Made from premium quality Thermoplastic Elastomer material (TPE tri-extruded composition) ensures 100% odorless, BPA Free, Non-Toxic and environmentally friendly.
  3. Durable and Strong - 300% better temperature resistance than normal PVC.
  4. Deeply molded grid pattern channels all spills, stains, dirt, mud or snow away from foot-well areas for easy cleanup.
  5. Model Y All Weather interior liner are comprised of High vertical walls compare to other floor mats in the market.
  6. Fitment: 2020-2021 Tesla Model Y (Left Hand Drive Version)
  7. Package Includes: 1x Model Y Driver Side Liner, 1x Model Y Passenger Side Liner and 1x Model Y Rear Seat Liner

I bought the Tesmanian mats. They're terrible.

One of them came all warped and wavy and doesn't fit correctly. Tesmanian told me to get a heat gun and try heating it back into the proper shape, assuming they were warped because of how poorly they were packaged and shipped (i.e., wrapped around each other and shoved haphazardly into a big plastic bag). However, I don't buy it. The warped one looks like a manufacturing variance, and the material is quite thin on the sides.

Also, they give off the HORRIBLE odor that's associated with cheap Chinese rubber products. I had to take them out of my car after half a day because I was going to pass out from the smell.

They also rely on some velcro-like tape to stay in place, but it's applied sort of randomly at places and left off others. Just a weird thing.

I ordered nice ones from 3D Mats and will let everyone know how they compare. But I'd strongly recommend folks stay away from the Tesmanian stuff...it's really cheap, smelly chinese rubber. And their Customer Service is awful. They are in China and have to use a translator app, so they have a hard time understanding emails. In my case, they missed 80% of the email questions and what they did respond to took four emails back and forth before they even acknowledged the issues.