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May 29, 2011
• Attention Collectors & Elon Musk fans: This is a 2012 P85 SIG with 18,800 Miles, Signed before delivery (11/2012) at the Tesla Factory by Elon Musk on the passenger sun visor. I don’t know of any other Sig actually signed by Elon at the factory. This is a unique combination of: Elon autographed Sig Performance, Sig White Leather & Pearl White exterior (I felt that the Sig Red did not look as good with CF trim) with 21” gray rims, CF interior trim & spoiler, rear facing seats.

• Excellent condition garage kept, no accidents, nonsmoker, no pets, original free and clear title. Minor curb rash on 1 wheel and a few very small stone hits otherwise perfect.

• All factory maintenance performed

• One-of-a-kind CA Vanity Plate that has the proper name of the car “TESLA MS”.

• Transferable Tesla 8yr warranty.

• Free Supercharging for Life!

• Later production USA Sig 791 …. after many of the early bugs were worked out but still during the time Elon was involved personally in overseeing low-volume signature production.

• Options: everything offered in 2012 but factory paint armor (IMO this was hideous with it’s highly visible lines - put on OptiCoat Pro instead).

• No front plate holes (but kept all hardware for front plate mounting if desired).

• Tesla OEM/After Market Accessories Included:

o TPMS 2 to read tire pressure from dash
o All new optional program part replacements e.g. door handles, 2 new fobs, 40 amp mobile charging kit with all current adapters
o Outside car cover (used inside garage)
o Formula One Pinnacle window tint (15% rear - over kid seats, 40% all sides and 80% front windshield.
o New OEM replacement passenger visor (Elon signed original passenger visor is stored for safekeeping in a sealed window box with all Tesla paraphernalia leading up to the production of Model S)
o Cargo net & Parcel shelf

Why I’m I offering Sig 791 for sale?

I LOVE this car and will never buy another ICE car. Just took delivery of a Model 3 LR! The car is being offered for sale since I don’t need 2
Teslas. I am not a wealthy collector willing to hold the car in storage until it is worth 6 figures. I hope someone comes along who sees the same collectable “value” in the car that I do. If you want a cheap used Tesla this is not the car for you. I’m not going to debate/negotiate price on these forums. All serious offers will be considered and can be made to [email protected]

Buyer must arrange for pick up/delivery from SoCAL upon cleared payment via cashiers check or bank wire. Title is on hand so transaction can be done in 1 day.


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Update: I've talked to several car museums and private car collectors to help determine the value of this car. I was able to get documentation that confirms "only a hand fill of Sig Model S car were autographed for customer delivery by Elon Musk." Old timers will remember George B's: "Tesla Personal Delivery. We will deliver your car wherever you like: your home, your office, your friend’s house, your hotel on vacation, or anywhere else that makes you smile." It's time to build your Model S
When I saw this, I called my delivery specialist and said if you want to make me smile have Elon Musk autograph my car. What good is having a "Signature" Performance Model S that is not actually signed by Elon!!!! I've since hired a broker to sell the car for significantly more than 75K. It was never my intention to make money off Elon's gracious gift to me .... one of his biggest fanboys. However, like I said above, I wish I had the resources to keep this :collectable" myself......love Tessie so much! Stay tuned.
I'm glad you value your S p85 so highly. I don't think the miles are a significant factor on an electric vehicle, compared to a gas thrash and trash engine. And the cars are still pretty new enough than battery age is not very significant. So all you have is your opinion, on a white car (which is not even a color), with special wheels and the Performance option, which having such might indicate excess wear and tear, AND the signature of Elon.

I think it's too high, think what you will. I sold my special custom brown Sig (000064) a couple years ago for $60K.

Good luck. There might be someone willing to pay extra.
Yes, you will see the sale on many outlets including eBay. I understand all the blow back I've seen it on this forum for many years. I always felt the Sig's were selling way to cheaply. My neighbor owns 8 car dealerships and feels this car, with it's unique story could be worth multiple figures in 15 yrs. I hope it does for someone...God bless them... I may not be on the planet that long!

Thanks to all for posting. Hopefully this will raise the value of all Sig's !!!!

Cheers to all.

Joe Fee
It's a nice car but you are giving it more value than it actually has.
What Makes a Car Collectible:

"Cars with historical importance—ones that pioneered new technology or raised the bar for consumer expectations—can become collectible, especially if they are rare and beautiful. (Being good-looking is an advantage.) Prior celebrity ownership (in this case affiliation) can also help, especially if the individual is associated with cars, such as Steve McQueen, Paul Newman or James Garner. The most expensive collectible cars combine these attributes. As a basic rule of thumb, if teenaged boys have its picture taped to the wall, you're looking in the right direction. When those boys grow up, they want to buy the things that made them happy in their youth."

"the modern classic definition is open to the discretion often by Insurance Brokers and Insurance Companies who regard a Modern Classic as a vehicle that is considered collectible regardless of age. The usage of the vehicle limited to recreational purposes or restricted mileage is also taken into account."

"Any car potentially is a collectible. I’ve always thought it would be cool to own a Checker Cab. It’s truly illogical, but then again, most collecting is."

"People ask me if they should buy a new car and tuck it away as an investment. I think it's ridiculous to buy something and just squirrel it away. The fuel will eventually go bad, all the moving parts will still have to be lubricated, and you still have to insure it. Cars should be driven. Buying any car and putting it into storage for years gets you nothing. It's a bad idea."

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