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FSBO 2014 S 85

Hi. Arranging sale of my elderly father's 2014 S 85. One owner, very clean, it has 25,300 miles on it. White with tan interior. Base model, i.e. body color roof, standard wheels, no air suspension, no 3rd row seat, rear wheel drive. Everything works as expected. Only imperfections:
- Two scuffs on rear bumper (he never quite go used to trusting the electronics when reversing).
- Some discoloration on driver's seat.
- Some curbing on passenger side front wheel.
I'll post pictures if permitted by new forum user.
Located in central Ohio.
Asking $40,000. Not looking to 'make deals' as we already have a lower quote from CarMax.
Should probably post 90% and 100% charge. Also any history of drive unit replacement or battery replacement. I would say 33k to 35k is a good range. Local buyer to you might pay more especially if you let them drive it
Thank you for your reply, but this is a 'for sale' thread where I'm trying to get my 90 year old father's car sold. This is not a 'what is this car worth' thread where I'm asking for opinions. Potential readers/buyers who see "it's not worth that" will be turned away, or expect to negotiate significantly.

I hope this does not turn into a price debate thread, but now I feel I have to defend my asking price.
- KBB says private sale price range in my local area is about $38,500 to $43,500.
- Local CarMax dealer offered mid-30's, so they would expect to make some good profit above that.
- Another ad on this site for well optioned 2014 85 with higher miles was priced in the $50s.
- Another ad on this site got sidetracked into general market pricing discussion and several members agreed that private sale model S prices are on the rise.

I'll post pictures when I get back home today. Thank you for looking at my ad. Shoppers are welcome to ask me details about the car.
Should probably post 90% and 100% charge. Also any history of drive unit replacement or battery replacement.

Now that is good advice to a seller. Help them complete their ad to make it easier for shoppers to understand the car being presented. Better for both buyers and sellers. :)

There has been no drive unit replacement.

Is there a small accessories battery? I believe a battery was replaced, but not the main battery the car drives with. I'll ask dad if he has paperwork for that, or call the Tesla service center he always uses.

Forums where you can't go back and edit your own posts are frustrating.

Because the link could have different search results in the future, I just want to write that at the time of posting, the link to Tesla Used Car Inventory (searching 2014 Model S 85 with under 40,000 miles) only had 1 result. It was for $46,900 with 39,000 miles. Yes, it had more options, but it also had more mileage. And, it was the ONLY one. It's hard to find one-owner, low mileage cars, right? I don't know why people are bashing this price. I didn't even know this was a price bashing forum, I thought it was a For Sale forum. But, since we've all regressed into that mode, show me a current ad for a one-owner 2014 model S 85 with under 30,000 miles on it that is so low priced that it makes me change my price (or just go back to CarMax).

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would u take it for 32?

If you mean, "Would I take 32 for it", the answer is "no". I see you're listed as being in California. I imagine there is a lot larger inventory to pic from out there, driving the prices down. Local inventory here is limited, so I can't go that low. CarMax offered $34,000.

It does have autopilot hardware, they started putting that in around Sept 2014 and this car was delivered Dec. 2014.