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FSD Beta 10.4 Changes for Better or Worse, Real or Imagined - What are you experiencing?

I just took my 2018 M3 out for a test drive with 10.4 FSD beta. I frankly don't appreciate any consistent improvements with this newer vetsion, having lived with 10.2 and 10.3.1. Any change I think I see could be imagined, Elon had stated unprotected left turns were better in this version, but I am not sure. I can make the same left turn repetitively with it being hit or miss. Regarding Rt turns, I found my car in the center of an unmarked residential street at a stop sign waiting to turn Rt and not providing enough room for other cars to turn Rt into the road from which I was exiting to turn Rt. This behavior was not seen by me in earlier versions of FSD, yet others have reported this before. What makes it difficult to judge changes is the inconsistency of FSD. Unless there is a dramatic consistent improvement or regression is difficult to for me to be sure its better or worse. If others are certain they see changes in 10.4, better or worse, real or imagined feel free to post your experiences.
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The only noticeable change for me was two instances of encroachment on the right side and left side of the lanes. The road is a 4 lane road, 50 mph speed limit, newly surfaced with plastic lane markers (painting markers). The lanes have not yet been painted. The vehicle came very close to the edge with a guard rail that was very close to the edge of the road. Then when changing to the center lane, the vehicle came very close to the center line (and oncoming traffic).
Previously, the vehicle had no problem in recognizing the lanes even without the painted lines.
I've noticed the road edges are now more solidly defined so I was hoping my model Y would do a better job of making way for oncoming traffic on our narrow residential roads, but we're not there yet, at least not consistently. 10.3.1 did a great job slowing and steering around pedestrians on our asphalt no sidewalk roads but 10.4 wouldn't move over for a UPS delivery van. As difficult as city streets FSD seems to be, it is a solvable problem. Sometimes it executes a turn or merges smoothly much to my delight but other times the turns are hesitant and jerky. May future updates come quickly!
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I am disappointed in 10.4 and for me it is a downgrade in reliability. Left turns that worked in 10.3.1 now hesitate and sometimes even disengage. FSD still moves too far to the middle on unlined roads, but is a bit improved. All-in-all I feel noticeably less secure in 10.4 that I did with 10.3.1, and I am using it less hoping 10.5 comes soon and is a lot better.
I'm not seeing much in terms of improvements. I have had 3 incidents where it made really fast jerks to the right for no discernible reason. I keep a really firm grip on the wheel now. All the time. I've always kept my hands on the wheel, but after these incidents I make sure I can not let it slip through my hands.
To be fair, I realized yesterday that on my same routes, but at a different time, the phantom braking was far less. Something I was not taking into account was the angle of the sun. I did not actually start testing 10.4 until after the time change and most all my drives are at 4:30pm heading west on FM2244 (Bee Cave Road) with the glaring sun straight in front of me, whereas all my 10.3.1 drives occurred and hour earlier and without the glare. There are patches on the road that have been repaired with shiny black tar and create reflective black lines on the road. Taking this route an hour earlier yesterday I noticed FSD performance was a lot better, even on the troublesome left turn at the Bee Cave Dog Park. Three things I took away from this:

1 - I can't see as well in the glare
2- The car can't see as well in the glare
3 - My dog prefers to arrive early at the park
10.4 seems to creep into a T-interection, almost too far, before making an unprotected left turn. If it can't turn, it just waits, too much exposed IMO, until.there is a break in the oncoming traffic which comes uncomfortably close. I hadn't seen this with 10.3

In another unprotected left turn situation, where I can make the turn without coming to a stop (no uncoming traffic), the car frequently jerks to the right into the adjacent lane before turning left. I frequently need to.take over to avoid hitting a car approaching from the right.

I guess what's so disappointing about the above, Elon had said that we should see a significant improvement with 10.4 in the way the car makes unprotected left turns. Perhaps, he was talking about the forward creeping I mentioned in my first paragraph. That might be fine if the car was in a position to complete the turn. However, if it couldn't, I would have hoped it would creep backwards, while traffic passed, before creeping again forward to take another look for oncoming traffic.

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