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FSD Beta Geofenced out of NYC area?

I haven't seen a single FSD video in the northeast/NYC. I always wondered how the hell FSD would manage all the craziness in NYC, and it seems tesla knows this will be a challenge as I have not seen any testing in NYC.

Hope its not the case for the Beta Download button, but I bet this will be highly geo-fenced, and not everyone will be allowed to download in certain areas.
Well, doesn't it just do:

Yo! NYC!


On crossing bridge / tunnel from NJ? 🤣
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If anyone in NYC gets the beta tonight please post here! Or even if you are in surrounding NJ/CT areas please drive into NYC and let us know if it even works there.

Radio silence on NYC FSD Beta testers is weird. Its the biggest city in the US and im surprised they have done no testing here.

NYC is probably the hardest use case of FSD, so either they are afraid to test it here, or they know it will completely suck.
Finally found a Manhattan test for FSD Beta. Guess much hunch that it sucks here was correct.

Manhatten is the ultimate FSD Beta test, and the reason why they never had any prominent youtube testers here shows. It cant handle almost any NYC intersection with crazy traffic and pedestrian crossings, and even has trouble in heavy straight traffic.

Can FSD Beta 10.2 Handle Manhattan?

I think this is the most profound example of how far tesla still has to go unfortunately. Easy cities and backroad low traffic left hand turns dont show how much work it needs to handle complex urban environments were FSD will be most utilized.
I live in Staten Island, NY and was on the first wave of FSD beta release. Tried it on the first moment after it installed but man... it turns SO violently for my taste so I decided to wait for the next release.

Few impressions:
++ Traffic light go/stop so far have no problems
+ With good lane marking it seems to work fine (left/right turns and stay in lane), but left turn sometime is jerky
+ Most stop signs are handling well

- Sometime it changes between lanes with no reason and make the cars behind me think I am drunk LOL
- Sometime don't slow enough to make a turn, it can be scary...
--- The biggest issue I am experiencing is that when turning in to a street with higher speed limit. For example, currently on a 25mph limit street and ready to turn right into a 35mph street, it will accelerate even during turning like its butt on fire. IMO it should complete the turn with lower speed then accelerate up to the speed limit.
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