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FSD Computer Crashed!

Just had a new thing happen today. Driving along a route with Autosteer on City Streets (FSD Beta) v10.10 enabled. Stopped at a stoplight for about 20 seconds and then when the car started to go through the light I got the "Takeover Immediately" Panic alarm (albeit two or three more alarm sounds than normal) followed by an "AutoPilot Not Available" message. The route remained active in the display, but the visualizations went from FSD Beta Preview visualizations back to old school autopilot visualizations and the steering wheel icon disappeared. After 30 or 40 seconds or so, just when I was thinking I would have to pull over and put the car in park in order to get Autopilot back, the visualizations switched back to FSD Beta Preview visualizations and the steering wheel icon showed up. I reengaged FSD Beta and the car drove for the next 20 minutes to complete the route.

All that I can think of is that the AutoPilot/Driving computer crashed (but the MCU remained functional), and it took 30 seconds or more to reboot. Has this ever happened to anybody else?
Something very similar happened to me on 10.7 or thereabouts. Driving down a divided highway and the visualization froze, then started flashing sort of randomly and AP disengaged with a lot of complaining. It came back on its own after about a minute.
Same - on 10.9 I was in a left turn lane after using FSD Beta for the previous 2 miles or so. The light turned green but the car wouldn't move forward. That had never happened before so I gave it the pedal tap to encourage it, and it moved forward but quickly gave me the alarms and disengaged itself. I drove manually, and the display, as you said, went back to old-school. But beyond that, the display froze on an animation. All the lanes moved forward and all the cars stayed exactly where they were, no matter where I was. So it wasn't "frozen", as there was animation, but the animation was locked like a repeating GIF file.

Just like you, new visualizations came back after a minute or so. You're right - the software may have "blue screened" and restarted itself.
With AP HW 2.5, there are two separate independently operating autopilot computers. Intent there was to have a spare if one breaks mid-drive.

Is there such redundancy built into HW 3.0?

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With AP HW 2.5, there are two separate independently operating autopilot computers. Intent there was to have a spare if one breaks mid-drive.

Is there such redundancy built into HW 3.0?

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Not sure I'd call two processors on the same board a redundant system.

Still, FSD Beta seems to keep running even when the visualization and touchscreen blanks out. Some videos have shown that. I wonder if any safety systems are lost during the reboot time? Who would know the answer to that question.
This seems a very narcissistic car behavior to me , a car driving on its own and then prompting you to take the wheel cause IT wants break, WTF!
so your driving at 75 miles an hour on I-95 minding your own business, eating or probably on Hulu watching the latest episode of desperate housewives ; and suddenly u get interrupted by your car cause the computer crashed ,, HOW CONVENIENT!,,
I paid the $10,000 FSD beta , and I just had a baby; i cannot be supervising my car as well!!!! (sarcasm advisory)

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