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FSD & HOV lanes

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or has any info on it?

For that past several months I have been driving in the HOV lane and FSD acts really strange. FSD keeps choosing to move me out of the HOV lane when it opens to dashed lines, only to move me back in randomly later at the next dashed lines. (Yes, use HOV lanes IS turned on in the settings.)

It does this in many situations. It does this regardless if there is someone slower in front of me or not and it does it when I am not near the navigation exit point. It literally just decides ahhhhh, were getting out son, hold on! I try and hit cancel repeatedly when it gives me the lane change warning and have to keep pounding it until I am well into the next set of solid double lines. Then next section of dashes it will just decide it's fine staying in the HOV lane. Also happens on Freeway that has not had construction recently.

Not a huge deal but I have to take it out of FSD sometimes as I don't want to hit cancel lane change 15 times in order to save my fast track in the HOV lane or go with it and get forced out into traffic.

Anyone else experiencing this?
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This has happened to me as well. I live in So Cal and while I’ve experienced it different places at different times, I’ve particularly experienced it on 405N out of Orange Co. I’ve done the “report bug” thing a few times on it, but it can definitely leave u confused like...um...why? It’s weird too because there are other times when auto pilot performs normally and doesn’t do it on the same section of roadway. It’s not been common enough for us that I started breaking down which software version I was on at the time, but at times, ir was enough to do like you say..where I’m taking it out of “navigate on autopilot” because it’s driving me nuts with the cancel lane change thing.
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model 3perf pup 2020 model. bought fsd at time of purchase.

ive seen this happen a few times. ive seen it on trips across the 210 to/from redlands to LA and also on the 134 just entering into pasadena. i only notice it on these routes because when im heading out on these routes, its to visit someone, so i turn on fsd for that trip.

anyway just as the op mentions it is exactly the same experience. Ive seen this as far back as a few months ago across multiple firmware updates. i got my hov sticker around august 2020 and thats when i started using the hov and thus when i saw this issue crop up.
Is stay in passing lane on? I think FSD will try to exit the passing lane now no matter what, regardless if it is considered an HOV lane.

That's a good question, I thought so but went out to check as it's been a few updates since I set that feature. That setting is within Autopilot and then customize. Exit passing lane Yes or No. I've got mine set to No.

So I really don't know what causes this unless it's some kind of google maps discrepancy that causes it to think it's not an HOV section but then again, I have don't move out of passing lane set, so it should stay regardless. Keep thinking the next update will patch it but still waiting. Good to know I am not the only one though, so hopefully it gets fixed.
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I have the car set to recommend a lane change, but not do anything until I press on the turn signal. This happens to me all the time on the 118 Freeway in So Cal. It happens very consistently at the same sections too so I've learned to turn off Navigate on Autopilot when I'm in the carpool lane to force it to stay there. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if it told me it wanted to leave but kept going. Instead, it slams on the brakes because it thinks I'm going to miss a critical lane change even though my destination requires me to stay in the left lane for the next 10+ miles and the lane merges to a different freeway that I need to get on. I also have issues at night where it sees a light at an overpass and thinks the light is actually on the freeway and slams on the brakes if no one is in front of me. Luckily this usually only happens at night when no other cars are close by. I'm slowly making my own map of where the car does great and where it doesn't.
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