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FSD trial?

Does anyone know if there is still a way of getting FSD trial on a new delivery?

It was promotional to get people to buy the cars before the end of the quarter. It was done and finished with but each year there are 4 quarters so who know? If Tesla thinks they need to boost the sales again, they might try the promotion again.
My trial ends in a few days.
It is actually a terrible way to try to sell FSD at the moment in my opinion.
In it's current state, the only feature that holds any value is auto-lane change.

Auto park hasn't worked well for me yet, and often doesn't come up when I expect it to.
Navigate on autopilot is limited to highways which is very limited function above autopilot beyond lane changing.
Summon is cute, but not really anything more.
Green light indicator is I guess kinda nice?
FSD visualization is kinda nice at times I guess?

With the beta likely not coming to Canada anytime soon, buying FSD is pure speculation about some magical future state. With FSD moving with the car though, it makes for a really weird way to speculate on an investment. If you believe in the future of autonomous driving with tesla you would be far better served putting that money into shares and then getting the future monthly subscription or selling your shares to buy FSD at whatever price it is at then.

So, the pilot is cute, but didn't really add value.
They also tossed in a year of supercharging, but I don't expect that to be worth more than $50 all year in my case. Maybe less since it the referral program already gave me more than I would use.

The tesla offered incentives played 0 roll in my decision making.

I will miss auto lane changing though. It has worked pretty well for me.