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FSD Update: This is terrible!

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I chatted with an agent today and you can read the transcript. It appears they are not even trying anymore...

  • Hello my name is Landon and I will be assisting you today.


  • Hello Landon!

  • L
    How can I help you?


  • I would like to buy Full Self Driving for my December 2016 Model S P100DL with AP 2.5, but it shows as $3k on my account page.

    10:14 AM

  • ELon tweeted that would be $2k.

  • (for my model that already paod for Enhanced auto pilot.

  • *paid

  • L
    I am happy to help with that. First, so I can pull up your account, can I get either the last six digits of your VIN number or the phone number associated with your account?


  • 10:17 AM
  • L
    Unfortunately the $2,000 price is only for the original owner of the vehicle.


    10:20 AM

  • That is not in his tweet. Sounds like another lawsuit.

  • Why would the original owner be afforded more benefits?

    10:21 AM
  • That is a policy decision that we have made. I apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience.

  • L
    Is there anything else we can help you with?


    10:22 AM

  • I am fairly certain you have not helped me. You are putting words in my mouth by saying you have already helped me.;

  • Who made this policy decision?

    10:24 AM
  • It is a decision that was made when the price changes were made.

    10:25 AM
  • L
    Are there any other question I can answer for you?


    10:26 AM

  • Why am I being treated worse as a second owner?

  • I have paid a portion of that upgrade. Cars with more options are worth more than less on the used market.

    10:28 AM

  • Part of the value of a used Tesla is the ability make refinements down the road via software updates.

    10:29 AM

  • Do you have a manager or supervisor I can speak to?

    10:31 AM
  • L
    I can request that a supervisor reach out to you if you would like.


    10:32 AM

  • Yes. Please.

  • Okay I will request that for you.

    10:33 AM
  • If you would like to speak to a manager as soon as possible you can call into our customer service team.

    10:34 AM

  • I would like to chat with them now.

    10:35 AM
  • L
    They are not available to chat at this time, as I said if you would like to speak to a manager as soon as possible you can call into our customer service team.


  • I am not sitting on hold for two hours like last time!!!

  • Make an appointment. Have them call me.

    10:37 AM
  • As I stated to speak to someone in person on the phone we ask that you please call.

  • That is not possible.

    10:38 AM

  • Landon. How good is your customer service?

  • This request and answer is the example.

  • If you would like to speak to someone please call in as we are not able to assist you further via a chat.

    10:39 AM

  • PLease schedule them to call me.

  • L
    That is not possible at this time.


  • Really?

  • Since when?

  • TOday>

  • ???

  • L
    Please call in to speak to someone as soon as possible. If there is anything else we can help you with please let us know.


    10:40 AM
  • Chat Ended by Agent
Would you agree it makes more sense to let the deterioration of Tesla to evolve? Agreed, I do not sound enthralled with their responses, but I deal with canned responses all day long and they are specifically designed to mute the objector.

Do you feel it is equitable to treat used owners differently? Having been a stock holder since 2010 and long-time Tesla-evangelist, I (as seen) do not hold back when I see the negative effects of personnel management. As you will notice, I did not indicate I was one to bring a lawsuit. They are coming though. That is the penultimate reasoning for my line of questioning. I was trying to dissuade a friend from berating Tesla pubicly and on Twitter specifically.
I have also seen excellent Tesla CSRs who put time and effort to resolve an issue. Him ending the chat while I was writing a comment probably made me a bit zealous in posting it on here. Admins may delete if necessary.


Jul 19, 2017
Alexandria, VA
I'm pretty glad they didn't help you. If you really are involved in canned responses all day, then why bring your question via chat when that is format they come in. You were rude to someone who was not empowered to make the changes you were asking for. They gave you the info on how to make your request to someone who could help and you opted to not accept it. Now you hang poor Landon out in a public forum? That's dirty pool Zxlr88


Oct 31, 2017
Once again it seems a few Tesla owners are feeling the company owes them something , you see this thread and others were owners are getting mad because they cars are losing value with age, models are coming out with new features each year, features are no longer supported. Hell a ford 150 today looks a lot different today than one bought 3 years ago . Sure I bought mine for a lot more 2 yrs ago than they are going for today but at the time I bought mine I loved the car and the tech and I thought it was a fair price, I still think I paid a fair price for my car and I love the fact they are selling cheaper today because that means the company is making more cars than ever before and that a lot people were wrong when I bought mine when they predicted that Tesla wont be around in 2019.My car has not be 100% perfect but neither has any car I have owned, but Tesla has taken care of all the concerns I have had unlike some ICE dealers (BMW).


Active Member
Jul 5, 2015
Oceanside, CA
Moderator note: Moved several posts due to language (and one or two replies) to snippiness.

Whether you agree or disagree with another TMC member, please keep language clean and your comments respectful.



Bruce, nothing about this post is respectful or constructive. Why you'd prune 90% of the comments and leave the original post is confusing at the very least.
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