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Full self driving in Australia (Victoria)


Apr 3, 2019
Melbourne Australia
I had a quick search, but didn’t see anything-
Can somebody with full self driving installed advise on the level of functionality here in Australia (Victoria if you need a jurisdiction).

Does FSD operate the same as in the US?
I.e Does navigate on freeways work?
Unprompted indicator/lane changes?

I understand the driver needs to be in control here/hands on the wheel- but does the same functionality work here now as the US?

Trying to work out whether to flip for FSD or not.

Any advice from those with it in play now, greatly appreciated.


Apr 22, 2018
FSD is not available anywhere in the world at the moment.
The US has Navigate on AP (NoA) and works on most freeways with Auto lane change with no confirmation needed.

  • NoA is not available in Aus at the moment.
  • Summon is available but with a few restrictions. Your key must be in range of the car and you can only Summon from your phone.
  • Advance Summon is not not available in Aus at the moment.
  • Auto Lane change in Aus is available with confirmation after you decide to move over (I.E. It will not automatically overtake if car in front is going slower).

Depending on when you purchased your car FSD will either offer you nothing right now (Pre Feb 2019) or it will offer you AutoPark only.

I managed to get FSD package for $2800, but I wouldn't pay $7700 for it until stupid Australian regulations play catch up in the year 3040.

*Edit - I see its now gone up to $8500 for the FSD package.


Aug 6, 2014
What I’m especially concerned about is that the UN has released released some stricter self driving regulations that recently got adopted by the EU so Tesla had to add some restrictions to their software in europe.

If you read the forums there, there’s lots of complaints of how Autopilot has gone backwards there since Tesla implemented those restrictions (which they have to by law).

Now given the rules are from the UN, have been adopted in much of Europe including UK, I fear that’s a Australia and it’s love of automotive regulations will potentially follow suit. Hopefully it doesn’t happen but it’s a dark cloud on the horizon.


Active Member
Jul 23, 2015
Adelaide, Australia
Autosteer and prompted lane change, meaning you have to tell it to change lanes and it will determine if it's safe to do so and perform the lane change for you.
The ‘auto’ lane change is a really nice feature. I lost it for a few months with the new model s and began to realise how much I used it with the old mobileeye system.
But that puts it in perspective.....tesla have been promising full self drive for a number of years, and it was only late last year that it caught up to where they were when they discarded mobileye. Now they can move onto the next feature.


Aug 27, 2018
The cars also do this nice dance routine on the screen

Or sometimes they turn into trucks and back again 4-5 times per second..

On auto lane change, my AP1 car does it very nicely - indicate and the blue line turns dashed, then it changes lanes. You have to click the lever fully and not just tap it (unlike the new system which is the other way round). I don't expect it will ever do FSD though.

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