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Full specs posted for reservation holders? What's the turning circle?

Have the full specs been made available to general reservation holders?

I called Tesla Motors, but while they said that recently the reservation holders can now configure a Model X, they wouldn't say whether the full specs were available. I'm not a reservation holder, but have been avidly following the Model S and Model X for several years now.

If the full specs are available, do the specs list what the turning circle is?

In 2013 "He [Elon Musk] pronounced that the X would comfortably seat seven adults, offer better all-wheel-drive handling than any vehicle on the market, have a tighter turning radius than a Mini, and be faster than a Porsche 911." (http://fortune.com/2015/03/19/tesla-model-x/)

The other predictions came true. I'm wondering whether the turning circle is tighter or the same as a Mini?

If it is, does anyone have any information about whether that tighter turning circle will make it back to the Model S?

The turning circle of a 2013 Mini Cooper is 35.1 feet (http://www.edmunds.com/mini/cooper/2013/features-specs/), and the Mini Clubman at 36.1 feet. (http://www.edmunds.com/mini/cooper-

Not sure which Mini Elon was talking about, but the turning circle for the Model S is 37.0 feet, which is bigger than either. (Model S Specifications | Tesla Motors)

The 37 feet circle for the Model S is a deal-breaker for my wife, as she often pulls U-turns, and has turned cars down before that had too wide of a turning circle (over 36 feet).