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Full stealth mode engaged!

I had my S wrapped with XPEL stealth as soon as I got it, and after living with it for a year decided to go full stealth - chrome delete, tinted windows, and satin black powder coat on the wheels. I just got the black lug nut caps in and took her out for some pictures... really happy with how this turned out!

I'm still on the fence about the Tesla 'T'. They did a really great job on both the front and back, but I may put those back to chrome.

The only thing they couldn't wrap was the actual 'Model S' badge on the back, because the XPEL threatened to peel when they tried to take it off (which would have required replacing the entire back piece at around $500). I can get the lettering cut out of some vinyl myself easily enough, but for the life of me I can't find an official vector graphic (or even really high quality jpeg) of the Model S lettering. I've found the T, and the 75D badge... but no luck on the Model S. Anyone know where I could find such a thing?

I tried searching around here, but all I could find was reference to an old press kit on Tesla's website that I can't seem to find anymore...