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Fundraising: Bletchley Park Bombe

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Mar 24, 2011
San Diego, CA
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Bletchley Park is where much of the cryptanalysis of the World War 2 communications was done. Movies have been made, books written, what is now acknowledged as the first computer (Colossus) was built (and later destroyed) and everything about it was kept secret for decades. Alan Turing worked there, along with a bunch of lesser-known but very important cryptanalysts. Among other things, they designed and manufactured the Bombes, so called because of the ticking noises they made, to recover the daily settings for the Enigma cipher machine used by the German armed forces. It's a very rich history and a fascinating place to visit; it also includes the (British) National Museum of Computing (TNMOC)

The have a recreated Bombe there, but for reasons I don't understand, but summarize as stupid politicians, it needs to be re-housed at TNMOC, and they have a limited budget. They have launched a fundraiser to try to make it happen. I have personally donated to it (and own one of the re-created Colussus valves too!). Here's the link to donate, if you care about this kind of history. Thank you.

Keep the Bombe on the Bletchley Park Estate
By way of update, I just got this from the associated mailing list:

Thank you for all the donations - the fund passed £15,000 last night as the USA heard the news. At the request of American taxpayers, we can now take donations through The America Fund for Charities - here's the form.
If I got this right the form is attached to this posting. This makes it tax deductible as a 501c3 in the US.


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