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Funny Tag/Transfer Story

So on Dec 31st of last year, I traded in a P85 for a P85D and asked Tesla in Dania Beach, FL transfer the tag to the new car. A month later I get the new registration, I don't even open it, I just throw it in the glove box. Today at a red light, there's a homeless guy that my wife and I sometimes chat with, and he says my tag is expired. I'm surprised, but sure enough he's right.

So I go to the tag agency to renew and also extend the HOV sticker. As the woman is handing me all the stickers and registrations she says "you're still at 3500 Deer Creek Road, right?" I've never heard of that address, so I look at the paper in her hand and it says 3500 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, CA. Turns out this is Tesla's HQ address, so they must have inadvertently changed my address when they made the tag transfer. Also explains why I never rec'd the renewal notice.

Thankfully no tickets - it was expired for 4 months. In FL if it's expired 6 months or more it's a second degree misdemeanor with maximum penalty of 60 days in jail - while that's unlikely I'm very happy to have avoided all of that.

Anyway, likely human error, but might be worth a look in case it was a system that made this error.