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future for the Model S in the UK now the Model 3 is available?

Model S?

  • Nope - just too big for UK roads, thank goodness for the Model3

    Votes: 7 21.9%
  • Only when they improve the charging to be at least Model3 standard

    Votes: 2 6.3%
  • Definitely buying one as soon as the interior update is released

    Votes: 1 3.1%
  • Model 3 is great but I need the hatch so it is Model S or wait for the Model Y

    Votes: 10 31.3%
  • Model 3 is great but the Model S is just better eve nif the charging lags a bit

    Votes: 4 12.5%
  • P100D all the way

    Votes: 4 12.5%
  • P100D is boring - bring on PLAID if you want my money!

    Votes: 1 3.1%
  • Had enough of Tesla and buying a Porsche Taycan

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Taycan? - dont be silly that's VAG and wouldn't touch them after the dieselgate deceit

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Model 3SR at £40K is untouchable

    Votes: 9 28.1%
  • Loved my S but now switched to Model 3

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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So, is the model S now dead in the UK or is it still going to sell?

Model S sales will/had dropped as the 3 is cheaper. However I still think its the best looking car Tesla makes, if we didn't have a young kid I would be happy to swap our X for S, but not a 3. Though having said that going back to a car without powered doors seems a bit crude.

An updated S with new battery pack and powered doors would be the perfect car for us in a few years :).
I do not want or need a car as big as an S personally, but if they update, properly update, the S inside (as well as the new powertrain, that we know is coming), then it is a compelling offering for those thinking of an S Class type luxury vehicle, but who want to go/remain electric.
A car that does not have door pockets, of any type, is rapidly becoming a joke, even if it was a minor issue in 2012-14.

My next car will be a Y, or something not yet out. But I am keeping the Model 3 for 5-6 years.
Tesla did not launch the M3 because it would cannibalise the MS market. They did it to access a separate market. I live in London to I personally think the MS and MX are too big for everyday use, but there are plenty around. Like @Rob R, my next car would probably the MY.
For me I struggle with SUVs on principle. I don't want something that has to use all that extra juice/resources/emissions for essentially the same useful space in the car. The main reason I didn't order a 3 was wanting a hatch though. In all honesty I couldn't justify a Model S over a Model 3 size and spec car with the S shape, if such a thing existed. But at this time of change, not many EVs on the market, and making the decision to buy the car and keep it for a long time, I was and am very happy with the S.

And the AP stalk is worth £1000 alone ;)
For me I struggle with SUVs on principle.

I use to think the same, but for family comfort SUVs really are hard to best. There is just more personal space, and space is luxury, raised driving position - which really helps on small roads, add in the ease of been able to take the grandparents out at the weekend without having to take 2 cars, we certainly wouldn't give up our SUV for a smaller car.

However the two best bits of the X is the windscreen and powered doors, yes a smaller car has more range, but range is something we only need once in a while, but everytime you sit in the car you have more space, the fantastic view, and its amazing how quickly you get use to something else opening/closing the doors for you!

Last time I drove my wifes car after a good period not been in it I was literally standing there like an idiot for a good 10 seconds waiting for the door to open as I unlocked the car, I than nearly started driving without closing the door, I mean come on, is it too much to ask all cars have powered doors? We are in 2019 afterall :).

When Tesla do update the S I hope they add the panoramic windscreen to the S and powered doors. That would really set the S apart from the 3, whilst keeping the sleek lines a larger car like the X just cannot have.
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With a roadster reservation, I perfectly happy with the MS as the daily/hauler. The Model 3 is just too small and besides the hatch, doesn't have some of the nicer touches like the door handles, the AP stalk, dedicated wiper control, the perfectly-working Homelink. Doesn't directly affect the functionality I know, but the aluminum body keeps it in line as looking to the future. And its the only EV so far that doesn't hurt my eyes...;).

I actually wish I still had my AP1 - nose cone car as my statement of being one of the first - now that there are Teslas at every corner. There will always be newer/more/better cars, but there will always only ever be one that was the first complete EV car.

Now that the EV revolution seems to be picking up steam (but not from coal - I hope), that original car is being recognized for its significance....
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