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Future of clean transport in NZ

Now that we have our own forum I’d be keen to hear what others think about the shape and likelihood of a clean-energy future for transport in NZ.

As a country we have a weird emissions profile with a smallish amount from electricity generation, a large amount from farming and about a third from transportation.

A starter for 10 / topics of interest:
- Timeframes for decline of ICE in NZ
- Likely ‘winners’ in our EV market i.e. by carmaker
- Government policy and incentives
- Why we bought an EV - performance, cost saving, environmental, like to be early adopter?
- Charging infrastructure - where are the 150kW chargers?
- Future of rail
- Other fuels e.g. hydrogen
- Public perception, support, bias - why are there so many tards on Stuff?

What say you?
I reckon once people see the Model 3 and then learn about the Model Y, they will wait till the $8000 govt incentive begins and you will see a lot of Model Y deliveries in NZ.
Agreed I think it's going to accelerate from here on out
Tesla has cultivated a desire with a touch of mystery, you want to own one, to be on the inside, join the club, to be indoctrinated in the ways of the Telsa owners lounge, to have a piece .....my precioussss

Once our cars are delivered we'll be out there like the measles, except there only one cure

Ahem I digress, I think EV's are loosing the golf cart image
On the whole I see less and less negative comments on you tube EV videos
compared to a few years ago. As more and more people come into contact
with EV's things are going to get real

Gov will probably be looking for someway to claw back the massive taxes
on petrol from EV owners