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Game Controller - Cuphead

Logitech F310. $20 at Target. Works on Cuphead, didn’t try Beach Buggy yet but should work on it as well.
I happen to have the iBuffalo SNES classic USB controller ($17) which also works with Cuphead.

If you don't care for quality, Amazon has plenty of USB controllers that cost around $10 for 2. All the controllers that works with arcade emulators will very likely work in the Model 3.
I was playing Cuphead a couple days ago using a PS4 DS4 controller.

Obviously you have to plug it in using the USB recharging cord.

Did you have to do anything special to get it to work? I've tried with my PS4 controllers and no dice. It wouldn't even recognize it to the point of showing the "Play" button.

I've also tried my PS3 controllers, same problem.

I've tried them wired each time.

I have another "generic" controller (Nostromo) that works with pretty much everything except Cuphead. Cuphead has a weird behavior: it accepts the "X" button (the bottom one on the right hand side - I'm calling it X because that's what it is labeled on playstation controllers), but the left joystick is inverted (up goes down and vice versa). Then I can get to the "Options" menu and "Controls" by using the inverted scheme, but once I get there, I cannot navigate anymore to assign any button.