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Garage EVSE install + condo/HOA


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Apr 26, 2016
I will soon be moving into a new townhouse, so I'm planning on having a L2 EVSE installed (either re-install my current Clipper Creek LCS-25 or buy a new one). It is a townhouse and has a 1 car attached garage. Any use of electricity in the garage is charged to my utility bill, so no issue about common areas and electricity billing. However, I'm wondering whether I need to go through the whole approval process through the HOA/condo board to get the OK for the install. I'm planning on just getting a 240V outlet installed in the garage, and plugging my EVSE in. So not officially an "EVSE install", but rather just a 240V outlet install.

I've looked over the condo/HOA docs, and WRT electrical installs, I found the following:
"All radio, television, or any other electrical equipment of any kind or nature installed or used in each unit shall fully comply with all rules, regulations, requirements or recommendations of the local Board of Fire Underwriters and Authorities having jurisdiction thereon, and the Unit Owner shall be liable for any damage or injury caused by any such equipment in its Unit."

So basically, looks like as long as any electric devices are installed properly and professionally, it's OK. But if that device causes any damages to the condo, I'd be on the hook. I'm fine with that. The condo rules seems to mainly care about any exterior modifications to units when it comes to applications for approval.

Of course you might be asking "Why don't you just ask the condo board?", but if I don't need to bring up the issue to them (and then they decide I DO need to jump through all the hoops), I won't. Don't ask, don't tell.

TL;DR - do I need to ask my condo board to install a 240V outlet in my garage?
If the install is simply a 220v outlet, doesn't that comply with fire code (et all)??? I mean you really aren't installing a charger, you are installing a 220v outlet. May I suggest you install a 6-50 plug to avoid any potential issues with the missing neutral wire on the 14-50 plugs?
As far as I know- you will only need a permit from your local authorities for the installation- it's your property and it's inside, so HOA should have no say in the matter.

This is the kind of situation I am hoping to avoid: HOA Problems | Tesla

I guess I could just ask "Do I need HOA approval to install a new outlet in my garage?" and leave out the whole EV charging part, in case any oil heads are on the board. :p
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