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Gateway issues

we have had our powerwall 2 for about 2 months now and we are confused as to why we are still drawing power from the grid. Our battery is nearly always fully charged as we have an 8kw solar array yet my meter keeps ticking over to the sum of 8-10kwh per day. I have just had a new non smart meter installed as I suspected a faulty unit but this seems to not be the case. Can anyone suggest a solution or have had similar issues? We are not a heavy power using household so I can’t understand why we are still using power from the grid
In my case, a tesla installer came to review my batteries since they was uses .1kwh from the grid, while the powerwall was charging until reach 100%). He ran the wizard option and verified all the parameters. After that the system uses .1kw for day.
You didn't give us much information to go on. The following information would be useful for forum members to help you.
- Where are you located?
- Show a 24 hour power flow chart from the Tesla app with all elements displayed.
- What loads are connected to your utility meter that are not measured by the Tesla energy monitor?
- What settings are selected in the app?
Since speaking to Tesla, the engineers seemed to have done a software fix to the main coil sensor and the system seems to be working. My question still stands, does anyone else in the UK have a similar issue where the house continues to take a considerable amount of power off the grid even when the battery is fully charged. As we all know these power walls are not cheap and having spent a considerable amount to save electricity use from the grid it seems the system is not working as I would expect it.
How many kWh is your solar array producing right now, and how many kWh do you use in a day? Is it just a matter of not having enough sun to cover your daily power requirements? As miimura said, the chart in the Tesla app (or pvoutput if you've set that up) is very useful for analyzing why there might be a shortfall.
I produce around 20kwh per day with solar, with a 13.4kwh powerwall we should have more than enough. My home uses between 15 and 20 kWh a day


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Looks like an issue with the configuration. Your powerwalls are recharging using "all solar" instead of "excess solar." As a result, you're pulling from the grid while the solar is producing. You might check the "customize" settings in the app to see if there is something wrong there. If not, Tesla might have to do some reconfiguring of your system.
There is no home load (blue) shown for most of the day. This means Powerwall has no visibility to what to discharge to. Most likely the CTs measuring the home load are in the wrong place or configured wrong in the commissioning so the are adding rather than subtracting.

Call Tesla support - they may be able to fix remotely if its just a configuration issue.