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Gen3 Seat Fabric Match?

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I have a 2016 Model S P100D with Gen3 Cream seats. I had a really bad stain and tears on three areas of my passenger seat and I have an Auto Upholstery lined up to replace and they just gave me about 1000 samples to choose my fabric from and all of them are close but not 100%. Telsa wants $3500 for an entire new seat. It's REALLY tough to find Gen3 Cream perforated seats on eBay or at a dismantler. My current auto upholstery place will charge less than $1000 even with the perforations.

Instead of me reinventing the wheel and trying to match a leather or synthetic that "I" think is close.... someone out in the world has hopefully already been through this and should know a substitute fabric that is REALLY close that they went with and are happy with.

So... has anyone out there replaced their Gen3 Vegan Cream synthetic leather seats with a comparable fabric and what is the manufacturer and color of that fabric??? Or, is there an alternative that I'm unaware of?
I have a 2016 Model S P100D with Gen3 Cream seats.

Hey @slabathor, just a quick note on your seat situation... your 2016 Model S has Tan Premium Seats and they are real leather.
The Cream color seats were introduced in July 2017, and that's the exact date that all colors went full synthetic "vegan" leather on Model S and Model X, so you could say that ALL Cream color seats have the synthetic "vegan" leather.

The Tesla Premium seats with ventilation were introduced with the Model X and discontinued in mid January 2017. Tesla took a stab at ventilated seats again starting with May 2018 builds with a new Gen2 ventilation system. Since these seats were made post July 2017, all colors have synthetic "vegan" leather. They were again discontinued on May 2019 with the introduction of the Raven models.

All Tan and Black Premium Seats with Gen1 ventilation system on both Model S and Model X, are full leather.
The only color of Tesla Premium seats with or without the ventilation feature that didn't have real leather, were the Ultra White seats.

bad stain and tears on three areas of my passenger seat

As mentioned above, the reason why your passenger seat has not held up very well, is that it has real perforated leather. I have a Model S with the exact same seats as you and my wife has a "unicorn seat configuration" Raven Model X with ventilated black vegan seats, and they are much much resistant to all types of usage. There's a night and day difference on the wear and tear vulnerability. My seats are all creased up and full of wrinkles, even though I clean and condition the leather EVERY three months, and my wife's seats are as good as the day we picked up the Model X brand new (considering they are perforated as well) and the Model X has 98,000 miles, nearly triple the mileage my Model S has (32,000 miles). The Model X vegan seats are also extremely easy to clean, we just use baby wipes twice a year and they look perfect.
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Did you have any luck finding the right replacement ventilated Beige (or whatever light color its called) for the P100D? I have the same year/car that is dark blue exterior with that light color interior. Needs a replacement drivers seat section.... just need to find the right material. Any help is appreciated