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Generac bought Neurio?

Now I wonder if Tesla's Gateway 2 has gone away from Neurio and whether they will also migrate North American installations away from Neurio devices in the Gateway.
Yea that made me wonder too. Especially if they are in the battery business.

Surprised Tesla doesn't just build their own sensor. They like to vertically integrate things in their business, seems a sensor like this would be pretty straight forward to make.
I have a new Powerwall installation, would it be useful for me to install and configure the Neurio apps?
I have two houses, one with a Powerwall and one without. I bought my own Neurio to monitor the house without a Powerwall, so that's why I have the app. Neurio provides more info like measuring specific appliance usage, but I don't think you could access that from the Tesla version.
Generac Announces Acquisition of Neurio Technology Inc.

I just happened to look through my apps on my phone and noticed one called PWR View. Checked and it was my Neurio app. Then got an email from Generac and found this out.

Not sure if this means anything but I was a little surprised to find it.
It's kinda awful.

Generac also broke IFTTT <-> Neurio integration 2 days ago. No timeline when it's ever coming back.

So much for the recent survey Neurio put out and version 2 of their app with more crowd-sourced features. Just get a reskinned app with the same functionality, except history (on the app) has been broken for long while.

I'm have to write a new-script to automate what I lost. At least the Neurio device (now at version 1.5.2) has a local APi to query, for now.
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My favorite quote from that piece:

Long story short - offshoring cuts costs. Generac pulled all the Pika electronics into its supply chain that does manufacturing in Vietnam.
Yep, which should get the cost down. I think it could be interesting. Was talking to my dad about it and he actually wants one battery and one generator, so guessing a system like this could easily hook into both. Of course he really wants a powerwall but they aren't in his remote area yet.