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GeniePoint removing connection fee

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Just had the following email from GeniePoint to say they’re removing connection fees. Still a high kw rate but every little helps!

email in full below:

We wanted to share some good news with you – we’re removing our connection fee.

At GeniePoint, we take it seriously when it comes to listening to our drivers. Our goal is to make charging simple and offer the best charging experience possible. We know that some drivers find our tariffs a little confusing, which is why, as of 6th April, we will be removing our connection fee and simplifying our prices across our public charging network.​

What's changing?​

As a registered GeniePoint driver, you will be able to charge your vehicle at any GeniePoint network public charger at a single, simple rate of 35p per kWh with no additional costs*.

Simplifying our tariff and removing the connection fee means that you will pay the same price per kWh for every charge, no matter where you charge.​

Any GeniePoint public charger, anywhere in the country,
same price, same service.


Charging cost example:​

So, what will a charge after 6th April look like? Based on a typical charge, you are likely to pay less when you charge on the new tariff.

For example, to charge a Nissan Leaf with a 40kWh battery, you’re likely to add 24kWh if you are charging between the recommended 20%-80% capacity. If you’re charging within the M25, you’d currently pay £9 to charge at 9.4p per mile. However, based on the new tariff, you’d pay £8.40 and 8.8p per mile.​
It depends on how much you add and also whether you use the 50kW fast charger or the AC ones, as the ACs were much cheaper per kwh rate (think it was 22p) and also had no connection fee, so theirs is going up massively.

For us Tesla owners the break even point is at 20 kwh (was £1 + 30p per kwh = £1 + £6 = £7, now 35p per kwh x 20 = £7), so anything above that it is actually going to cost us more.
Interesting - my email from them also had the following:
At GeniePoint, we reward loyal customers. That’s why, as a valued GeniePoint member, we are giving you access to an exclusive, lower tariff this year.

You will be eligible to charge for 30p/kWh,with no additional costs* from 6th April 2021 until 31st December 2021.

So whether you’re charging in London or anywhere else in the country, you will only ever pay a single kWh price, with no additional costs.

We're in Cornwall a lot (or at least we were until recently...) and GeniePoint is all there is down there, so I may be a more frequent user.
Interesting - my email from them also had the following:

We're in Cornwall a lot (or at least we were until recently...) and GeniePoint is all there is down there, so I may be a more frequent user.
I've only used a GeniePoint 3 times so far since I got the car on 23rd December last year, so you're probably correct.
From memory I think in one of the recent .gov consultations indicated this was probably going to come in regs. Might as well remove the charge in your own time because you ‘choose’ to rather than because you were told/regulated to.
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Has anyone done the numbers based on the cost of a DC rapid charger installation ... then typical usage ... and cost how long it would take for a return on the investment? I believe these things are hugely expensive to install and maintain so I imagine getting a commercial return will be quite a challenge. At least the Gridserve model includes some potential additional income from the associated services but a standalone DC rapid will be a different matter.
It seems that GeniePoint chargers in Cornwall will still have the £1 connection fee... I was charged yesterday and queried the bill. GeniePoint's reply:
Dear Tim,

Following my previous email I have checked with a manager regarding the connection fee and unfortunately Cornwall Council have not opted out of the connection fee. Going forward you will be charged a connection fee on Cornwall Council chargers. All other public chargers do not have a connection fee.

If you require any further assistance please contact us.