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GeoLocation in v10 web browser.

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I have a piece of web software that I wrote myself (I do this kind of thing for a living - but this is just for fun) - it uses geolocation as a part of what it does.

On my Model 3 (FSD), I get a popup saying that geolocation isn't available. That's weird because Google Maps uses geolocation - and it works just fine. The first time Maps runs, you get a message asking to grant permission for it - but with my web page, I just get a flat denial.

My page works perfectly on Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android - with a bunch of different browsers.

So I wonder whether there is some bug - or special reason why the feature would be behaving weirdly?

Anyone else have an idea of why this might be?
I think back in V9 when they switched to Chrome, there was some inaccessible Tesla security setting that blocked the geolocation. If I remember right, this is the reason that websites like aBetterRoutePlanner can't access the car's GPS position for trip planning purposes. I don't recall anyone on the forums had any easy work-arounds. We were hoping Tesla would change that setting to enable things like what you're talking about. (Sorry, that's my layman's understanding of it.)
Hmmm - that's annoying. Seems like access to geolocation isn't a security issue providing people are given the option to enable it or not. The car seems to have no problem displaying the site.

The browser is still pretty raw though - no way to deal with cookies or preferences or anything of that sort. Usual webkit pages like about:flags seem to be disabled - perhaps intentionally, perhaps not.

We can hope that it'll improve.
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Not sure if it would work, but as a potential (hopefully temporary) workaround for your own use, you could try using the browser by escaping from the youtube app, as I post about here, which seems to not have the privacy restrictions of geolocation that the normal browser does.