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Gigafactory 6,500 employee requirement - new insights

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In JB Straubel's recent talk in Reno at 35:00 he starts talking about the workforce compliment on site in Reno.

I've been extremely curious about the 6500 employee number that is mandated with the tax break Nevada gave Tesla....in one of JB's slides (around 35:00) he starts going into the "diverse" workforce that will be at the GF.

It looks like Tesla is moving tons of employees not directly related to the GF itself to the site in order to hit these numbers. It looks like many of the white collar jobs in Fremont and Hawthorne will be forced to move to Reno in order for them to meet the 6500 employee requirement. I've always been sceptical about employing 6500 people and it looks like they are moving jobs from California to Nevada.

Thoughts? Is my analysis accurate?

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Everyone's different and I know others might welcome the solitude and desert landscape bu I'd be commuting weekly from the Bay Area.

Other than big events like Plays,Opera,Concerts, and Professional Sports the movement of Bay Area employees and highly skilled cosmopolitan employees from around the world to Reno-Sparks will bring Bay Area type amenities.

Shops and Restaurants to cater to a new type of clientele are already popping up. A premium hotel without gaming machines has already popped up to cater to Tesla employees.