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glove box dropping, not slow opening

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I just realized, that probably since my HW3 upgrade (I don't even know how long ago), I think the glove box in my 2019 3LRD has just been dropping like a glove box in a 1978 GM car instead of slow opening like I'm pretty sure it used to do. Anyone know how I could resolve that myself? I'm not familiar with the mechanism that does that slow open action.
I've set up mobile service, but if it's stupid easy, I'll do it myself and cancel that appt.
I had the same issue after upgrading to hardware 3.
After searching I found the following video's:
How to fix glove box dropping to quickly:
How to manually open Glove box:
How to open glovebox in Tesla model 3 manually & fix an issue:
I included the 2nd and 3rd video to show how you can disassemble the dashboard.

I was lucky to find the missing pin behind the panel below the dashboard. They must have dropped it there, and forgot to put it back in.
See below pictures. The white pin must be in the hole!
Glovebox - hole.jpg
Glovebox - pin.jpg

It was a struggle to get the pin back in, because it is hard to reach, but with some tape and a screwdriver I managed to get it back in place. This fixed the issue.
Let me know if this was helpfull.