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GM To Rollout New EV Sales Tool Developed By Former Tesla Executive

The online tool is supposed to make buying a GM EV much easier.

General Motors will use a digital tool starting this Summer that will help dealerships sell more 2022 Bolt EVs and Bolt EUVs. The service was developed by Tekion, an automotive retail platform provider led by CEO Jay Vijayan, a former Tesla chief information officer. GMC and Cadillac plan to use the tool when the Hummer EV and Lyriq hit the market. 

Tekion, known for its DMS, is a relatively new company that began rolling out its digital tool to dealerships in 2019. The company is now valued at $1 billion. GM was an early investor and other investors include BMW i Ventures, Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi, and dealership groups. 

Of the roughly 3,000 Chevrolet dealerships, 1,700 have signed up to sell the 2022 Bolt EV and Bolt EUV. The Tekion tool will be free for dealerships. The platform facilitates the entire sale of the EV, it’s supposed to make the process of buying a Chevrolet EV faster and easier. Steve Hill, vice president of Chevrolet told Automotive News: 

“The people that are going to buy EVs from Chevrolet, this is their everyday driver. We have to make EV easy.” “A lot of the feedback that we get from customers [is] it just takes too long to buy a car. And this really helps shorten that time frame,” Hill said.

GM’s in-house shopping tool called Shop-Click-Drive won’t go away, but the Tekion tool will be specifically used for EV sales because of its simplicity. 

“It’s a complete game-changer,” said Hill. “It’s Shop-Click-Drive on steroids.”

Additionally, Chevrolet will have EV specialists at dealerships and partnered with Qmerit to pay for and install chargers at customer homes. The automaker hopes more national advertising and market collaborations will increase EV demand. 

“A nice part about EV is that it is a subset of the market,” Hill said. “We can target these customers pretty efficiently and handle a lot of the heavy lifting for the dealers.”

Source: Automotive News

This article originally appeared on Inside EVs.

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