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Going down for maintenance this weekend


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Hi folks,

Starting around 9pm EST tonight we're going to start working on some much needed upgrades and maintenance. During that time the site will be in a read-only mode, so you'll be able to browse but won't be able to post to the forum. If for some odd reason, you do manage to post, that data will be lost to the aether when we switch over. We're giving ourselves the weekend to work on it, so we'll be back up by Monday morning at the latest.

When done, there will be some minor cosmetic changes as well as some new features, but also some current buggy features will be gone. If there's interest we can work on rebuilding some of those.

Is there no longer a way to see just watched threads that have new posts? (Vs. it currently showing all watched threads even if there aren't any unread posts in it.)

Are previous post ratings going to get restored?
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