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Going to be a two Tesla family and first week pictures and blog entries...

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Jul 23, 2013
Hello all...

All the talk on Model S fires, missed production expectations and the related decline in Stock price are all too depressing.

I'd like to share some fun with the teslamotorsclub.com community (as well as any other rEVolutionaries out there).

I'm a little under 22:45 hours until my wife and I get to our appointment to pick up our Model S and drive it down to Southern California...

We're being dropped off at LAX by my cousin who will be driving our BMW ActiveE to and from the airport, taking a flight up to SJC where the good folks at Quicksilver Towncar Service will be shuttling us from SJC to the Fremont factory for our tour and pick up of our Blue/Tan S85.

Before we head south to Southern California, we're going up to Sonoma to spend the night, visit a few wineries, perhaps the Charles Schultz (Peanuts) museum, then back down to Southern California, before we hand off the keys to MoeMistry at Glistening Perfection to do his magic with Xpel Ultimate and other stuff to the car and such.

So, if you're interested in tracking the car and its progress as we have fun with it, both driving, picture taking, and Moe's work on it... follow us in this thread and in my blog... I will probably upload raw pictures on my flickr stream and specifically the Tesla Model S weekend set. The current picture to hold the set together is one with me and a Model S loaner they lent me while I was at the Hawthorne Superchargers when my wife's Roadster was in service.

Also, after I pick up the car, my signature line will be changing from

Dennis - My Blog (mainly Active E for now and Tesla stuff as it grows...)
BMW Active E, Signature Green Roadster #40, and an 85kwh Tesla Model S with delivery of early November in Blue/Tan, Pano Roof, WITH Sub-zero Package in Southern California... Because COLD is a relative term.


Dennis - My Blog (mainly Active E for now and Tesla stuff as it grows...)
BMW Active E, Signature Green Roadster #40, and an 85kwh Tesla Model S, Blue/Tan, Pano Roof, WITH Sub-zero Package in Southern California... Because COLD is a relative term.

So, join us on our roadtrip. (not quite as extensive as the one done from SD to Canada as Tesla did last week, but hey, it's just as fun.)

PS: to my fellow ActiveE Electronuts, it's your weekend to try to catch up to my West Coast lead on wotnogas.com and my formal concession to the illustrious Tom Moloughney (or his blogger about page) of my chase to catch up to you for Active E mileage lead for the country!
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Congratulations Dennis! Have fun up north and hey, maybe bring back a couple bottles for our OC Tesla Meet :wink:.

So...that $1.... Was that to fulfill some superstition/tradition/custom? Like to ward off bad vibes & have good fortune?

That's so I can have an answer to "What is the best thing you've ever bought with a $1 bill..."

My Delivery Specialist was amused and got special approval for me to pay for my last $1 in cash.!

As for all the well wishes, thanks. Made it to Sonoma and charging overnight at 115V 12A... Just trying to get enough to hold off any vampire load. Remaining Rated miles 145 at my hotel...
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Congrats Dennis!! Look forward to seeing our cars twin at the next OC meetup.
Great choice with Moe. He will take excellent care of your car.

Drive safe!

Great to see you and Anna again at Glistening Perfection yesterday...

It really helped solidify what our Model S strives to look like...
Here's a pic of our cars together...

IMG_5343 by dennis_p, on Flickr

Now it's up to MoeMistry and his team to do their magic on our S85...
Congratulations on your new purchase!

Drive safely and hey, bring me back a case of Limerick Lane, will ya? ;)

Didn't make it to Limerick Lane... Peay Vineyards open house is what we ended up visiting for the wine and Francis Ford Copolla Winery for the Chargepoint, Restaurant, and sightseeing. My wife was commenting that I was still driving the Model S like an ActiveE (always on the lookout for Charging stations...)

I never trust the darn guesstimators.
Here's an update of what we've been up to for last couple of days.


Began Phase 3 Renewal Service
Corrected all paint surfaces
Began dis-assembly and preparation for PPF


Began PPF installation








We'll update again shortly as time permits
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to remove the door handles so the wrap can go inside the edges. It's also pretty normal to remove them for tinting if the trim is attached.

Precisely. The door handles are a self-contained unit and to get to them, we had to remove door panels. To my knowledge, I don't believe anyone has removed the door handles to wrap inside the edge. When it comes to this advanced of an installation, finding the right installer is of the highest degree of importance. We strive to constantly educate and train ourselves and it's great that clients like Dennis allow us to do what we excel at.

Cannot wait for you guys to see the final results. All PPF work was completed today and we also finished the Huper Optik window film installation as well. We're now in our final phases of completion. She'll be reuniting with her owner on Saturday. In the meantime, here she is with her new friends.


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