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Golden<->Radium round trip range anxiety

I'm a new owner still of a MY LR, but noticed that especially in cold temps the range obviously isn't exactly as advertised.

I'm planning on a family trip to Radium. There is a destination charger in Invermere, but I'm not sure if I want to stay at the resort where it's located (would probably rather stay at a local Airbnb in Radium).

I'm a little anxious though, that Golden to Radium (and back) is a lot of windy roads, the weather might be cold, and that I might not have enough juice, or that I would have a lot of range anxiety on the trip. Plus it would be nice to drive around the surrounding Radium/Invermere area without fearing anxious. A Better Routeplanner says that I should use about 46% on the round trip. Is it insane to be concerned that I won't have enough juice to make it?
Thank you for that! Newb question, the J1772 is the one that came included in the trunk kit?

Yeah, the charge rate isn't great though as it's only for L2 charging.
I think in a year or so it should be a lot easier once more superchargers open up, but Chademo may be needed for now.

I'm super curious how things go for you. I have a M3 SR+ so if you can't do it, I would have little hope!
Remember your last supercharge to 100% will take a lot longer when you stop in Golden. So plan for that.
I always prefer to have the car plugged in overnight. A good 110v outlet will give you enough for any driving you might need while you are in town.
As mentioned, the BC Hydro J1772 at the Community Centre is always there if you find yourself low before you leave.