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good and bad after recent updates

2017 MX 90D

in last 3 weeks, have gotten 4 updates...last 2 were xx32.12.1 and xx32.12.2.

the bad (bugs?)...

a, after12.2, the release notes DONOT load up.....the release-note window pops up but stays blank for eternity...
b. after xxxx11.xx i started getting at random times a warning that BSM is not working due to "LIMITED CAMERA VISIBILITY. obviously, i did the reset of both screens...the first time it cleared after reset, next 3 times no effect of reset but each time went away after a few miles of driving and a couple of stops on its own.
c. the BSM does not work all the times, eve when there is no warning.

**YES, i cleaned all the cameras multiple times

re smart summon, i do not seem have that feature....i had read somewhere it comes only with FSD...true?

the good....before these updates, my music system would change to some random source or song after a stop....now it always resumes playing whatever was playing before the stop

SO is this unique to my unit or a buga others have experienced too?
I’ve had the BSM warning a couple times since 12.2 as well, never before. Also getting Lane Departure warning when I leave home but I think it’s getting confused by my street. Living on long city street, no lane lines and cars parked perpendicular on both sides.
I've also had 3 or 4 updates in the last 3 weeks. The first one supposedly added smart summon, but my phone app always said "Summon is not currently ready". I've retried it after each update with the same results.

I recenly noticed that the Autopilot icon was never displayed and if tried to enter Autopilot, a message was displayed that it wasn't available. I don't know if the Autopilot problem and the Smart summon problem are related. I tried the "Schedule Service" feature in the phone app, but after entering the Autopilot problem, I was informed that I would have to go to a Service Center.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?
I saw the blind spot alert once several revs ago but not since. I cleaned the glass over the camera at that time but it never came back. I did ask a Tesla tech whether he thought glint might have caused it and he said "possibly" (what else could he say?). It has not recurred with any of the later revisions.