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Good tire shine/dressing options?

Water based. No sling. Usually apply once a week

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Best I've tried. Lasts a good few weeks, zero sling, nice matte finish. Easy to apply.

No, it's not cheap but it's GOOD. And a little goes a long way, unlike with most tire dressings where a bottle will only last you a few washes. I got the 24 oz bottle in June of last year. I have 3 cars and use it on all. I bet I have more than half left still, and I washed the cars all winter.
Hey all,

What do you all recommend for tire shine/dressing? Will they last for a while?
Preferably not too glossy looking, and hopefully doesn't compromise grip of the tires. Thanks.

Here is the most comprehensive and well designed tire shine comparison test I have seen so far. The tester rated about 60 different tire shine products on initial gloss, sling, dust resistance, and water resistance. I have posted a link to the youtube video below as well as a link to a Google Doc spreadsheet he provided in the comments section of the video in which he lists all of the data.

I believe these were his top 5:

1) Lone Star Tire Coating
2) Dura Coating Dura Dressing
3) Adams VRT
4) Angelwax Elixir
5) Gtechniq T2 Tyre Dressing
6) Tac System Tire Coating

My personal preference is to always use a water-based tire dressing. While they are not as durable as a silicone-based dressing, silicone-based dressings tend to attract dirt, oil, etc which results in your tires taking on an ugly, brown appearance over time. And since they are resistant to water, they are much more difficult to clean and remove from the tire. Water-based dressings do not attract as much dirt and oil and they are much easier to clean off. You can compensate for the lower durability by applying more often. I have had good experiences with Chemical Guys VRP and Xtreme Solutions Longevity, both excellent water-based dressings.

I usually get 2-3 weeks longevity. You will get better results if you clean and prepare the tires first before applying the tire dressing. For this, I use a stiff tire brush and Mckee’s37 Tire and Rubber Rejuvinator: