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Goodyear Tire Price - Eagle RS-A2

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I was just on the Tire Rack looking at tires for the S, and noticed that the Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 is now only $109.59 each. Some have argued on the merits of the tire, but at that price they are pretty inexpensive. If nothing else, they make a great price for a spare.
I wonder how much longer the Michelin tires last compared to the Goodyears... For almost half the price, you can get two sets of goodyears - do other tires last that much longer, esp on this car that eats up tires like nothing else.
I ended up replacing my Goodyears with Michelins earlier this year. The Goodyears had plenty of tread left but for some inexplicable reason, they became unbearably loud. It sounded like I was driving on big knobby off-road tires and even at slow speeds you could "feel" them through the steering wheel. On the highway, they roared! I had a tire shop I trust check them out (couldn't find any signs of uneven wear or "scalloping") and re-balance them to no avail. Based on the price differential, I was tempted just to get another set of the Goodyears, but worried that I would just encounter the same problem again. FWIW, I've always had good service from, and been very favorable towards Goodyear tires in the past.
I was surely happy to switch the Goodyear OEM runflats on my Corvette to Michelin tires. The runflats were too loud and didn't ride as well as the Michelin tires. I assumed it was more because they were runflats rather than being Goodyears. I was probably wrong. I won't take a chance with Goodyear tires on my P85+.
I got talked into buying Goodyear Eagle F1s for a BMW 330ci and it was a huge mistake. They became noisy AND developed splits in the sidewall, with one and later more than one of them leaking slowly through the cracks. Vowed never to buy them again unless I heard consistent positives on them. Apparently Goodyear has realized that they are not competitive with Michelin when sold at Michelin prices.