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Google Map with Netatmo weather station data and Superchargers

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Hi all,
Not a programmer or engineer in any way, but would like to have a map where I can turn on and off different layers to check different data from around the world. -- NETATMO
I currently have access to the Netatmo Weather Station map (home weather stations that upload their weather data to a server then can be viewed by all users of the weather station), and regularly visit Supercharge.info to plan routes etc.
Would be great to have a map where you could toggle each layer on and off, including Traffic and possible roadwork information... (any other layers you can think of?)

Good for planning routes during a trip, depending on weather. Rain can add a lot more energy usage to the journey.

Any developers or keen individuals out there that can help?

I found this developers site for Google Maps, but struggle to get it to fully work. https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/

I would be looking to make it public if I can get something working well. Could be used in the cars.

Thanks in advance!