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got 2018.14 4d25341 from service center it is older MCU speed boost

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my MCU is older one, car was delivered Dec 2017

i can notice speed improvements in everything, especially maps and browser. imho the maps now function around 75% of the Model3 speeds I have seen on videos (and about 50% increase in original speed). perfectly acceptable for my needs. the browser now works but is still pretty slow to load complicated websites like CNBC and such. wish there was an option to remove banners/ads/etc and just have text and main article images. i can go to youtube and see video preview images but the browser won't load any video claiming limitations of HTML5. it is usable but nowhere near the speed of my browser on my Galaxy S9+.

i won't be updating MCUs unless it is very inexpensive like less than $400.
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This looked like it was pulled last week, weird they are giving it out again with no changes...

Been talking about it since last Tuesday: Firmware Update 2018.14
I got this version when it was in for service. Took it on a 500 mile road trip this weekend. I didn’t notice much difference from prior version for my typical usage, but once I learned that the interface is much faster I have to agree. It is quite a bit faster - although I don’t change my screen much which is why I hadn’t noticed. AP1 behaved well and possibly better. I drove through torrential rain for 4 hours straight. Surprisingly AP was available at times when I would not have expected that it would be.