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Got rear ended today


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Aug 30, 2017
The other driver has USAA. I have progressive. He admitted fault and we filed a police report. How does repair work with a Tesla? Will USAA let me us a Tesla approved shop and how much do you guys think this will cost to fix?


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You have the right to take it to any shop you choose. If the shop you choose wants to charge something way out of line, USAA also has the right to pay only a reasonable amount. Any reputable shop will price accordingly and you won’t have anything to worry about.
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I just had nearly identical damage repaired on my S, for the third time. Yes, our S has been rear ended three times, all three times at levels in this range. One caused a crease in the hatch lid, but the other two were bumper only, with no underlying damage. Those two were $1200 to $1600 or so at my local Tesla approved body shop.

For the wreck that just occurred at the end of January, we had to wait about three weeks for replacement bumper parts to arrive. The most recent time, since the damage was all cosmetic, we persuaded the insurance company to pay the body shop to reassemble the damaged bumper and let us drive the S for three weeks and take it back for the three day repair when the parts came in. Since that saved them three weeks of car rental, they were agreeable to the idea.
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Its a 2017 model S. Car drives fine, its cosmetic but the whole bumper cover will need to be replaced I think. The guy had exposed screws on his front license plate causing the 2 dents seen.
new bumper cover definitely. hard to tell if anything else was damaged from your pictures, there may be damage hiding behind the bumper cover as well.

take your time not only looking for a reputable shop but one that will be patient and highly communicative with you.