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Got stuck choosing between Model Y Long Range and Performance so I ordered both

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I go so stuck choosing between the Model Y Long Range and Performance I ordered both. Now I know it’s on its way and I have more time to decide. My plan is to cancel one order after making the final call.

Here’s the factors I’ve been wrestling with. Firstly, I live in Northern Europe with extreme winters and quite rough roads. Secondly it’s likely the LR will be a China built variant whereas the Performance will definitely come from Gigaberlin. Also we have kids and do long road trips so comfort is important and as mentioned the roads are rough up here. That said the performance would be a total supercar and I know I’d love it, but it also costs a tad more too. What’s more, I’m thinking the Model Y Long Range might hold its value more since it’s seen bigger price hikes in the US than the Performance and that will likely hit Europe again soon too.

From what I’ve seen and read it seems the differences in the German built Model Ys are subtle, but combined add up. And apparently the German Model Y Performance has had its suspension well improved. I have driven one and it’s superb, but hard to be objective the first time behind the wheel.

Beyond that decision, I went with black interior but I’m thinking white would be way better. We have white now in our model 3 and just thought black might be nice for a change and maybe less effort to keep perfect.

Appreciate your advice and insights here. Final thing I’m wondering is if it be better to wait for the 4680 build.

Anyway, my wife got tired of me Trying to figure it out so I thought I’d bring the discussion here 😄 and seek some professional advice.


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