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Got the word, my 3 is on the way!

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Mar 24, 2016
I talked to the Super Happy Tesla Sales Guy this evening, and we went over the final payment and needed paperwork for my 3 delivery, which at this point is estimated for 5/3, although he said it could change somewhat.

Apparently my 3 is already built, out the door, and on its way here, only 5 days after I got my VIN on 4/11. Placed order on 3/12.

My guess is it is either in their big car lots at the factory, or it is on a train crossing the country, which he said makes many stops along the way for deliveries.

I'm imagining it now, like something out of a movie. A dark, deserted stretch of Nevada desert, after midnight. The headlights of trucks on the nearby interstate come and go. A train is pulling a bunch of car haulers, and somewhere in the middle of the train, one car hauler is carrying a certain white aero 3, moroney sticker in the window, headed towards Pittsburgh and other destinations. Here it comes!