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Green Car Reports: Model 3 quality is terrible

Most of the article is based on hearsay from the owner. Everything else sounds like old Tesla issues and no pics to back it up.

I'd think if I was going to write an article about something, I'd bring a camera... or even a cell phone.

If you take that one line I quoted at face value, GCR still rates the Model 3 build quality much better than Monroe's initial assessment, as GCR's "last 10 years" comment puts build quality on par with a 2008 Chevy instead of a '90's KIA. ;)
Build quality on my 3s are much better than my S which was already pretty ok. After taking apart some of the car for a dash cam install I can see that the Model 3 is put together a lot better than the S. Clips are much stronger and better designed which hopefully leads to less rattling in the future

Thanks, thats reassuring.BTW, if you dont mind can you please share your experience mounting the Dashcam. We bought the BlackVue DR750S-2 with the aux power attachment.

Tesla Model 3 quality is terrible, but will it matter to buyers?

During the test itself, two things became clear: The Model 3 works largely as intended, and the build quality was the worst we have seen on any new car from any maker over the last 10 years.
"I have found the car twice in the garage, locked, with the stereo blasting at full volume for who knows how long."

Ok that's funny. How often do you buy a car with a personality?
It's hard for me to weigh these articles appropriately. Here at TMC, you're more likely to post issues than praise. Realizing that, it still does not feel like Tesla has realized the quality of manufacturing the Model 3 that I was hoping for a full 7 months after the first cars rolled off the line. I hope either my perception is wrong or that things improve soon.
Read the 3 threads on those with issues - there seems to be more than the odd report of sunken hood and other alignment issues. I wouldn't say my (vin 53xx) build quality was terrible, but it wasn't on par with a similar priced car from a competitor. I have the same issues plus more. With any new model there will be issues. As said, the key will be to iron them out quickly in the process.
I would mostly agree with the article. my model 3 is a joy to drive but I've had numerous problems: hood misaligned, extremely stiff suspension, window malfunction causing it to scratch the chrome trim, many software glitches that required system reboot, loud clicking noise when car is off.
Went to the service center 3 times since owning the car in early January. They fixed everything except a creaking noise from the aero wheel caps, and a rattle noise from behind the steering wheel. I don't mind going back and patching these issues up since these things comes with being an early adopter, but what annoys me is the reps/mechanics at the service center tend to dismiss or deny the problem first. For example, the stiff suspension: first visit, they claim nothing wrong, nothing they can do. 2nd visit, adjust the tire pressure. 3rd visit, retrofit the suspension to make it less performance oriented.
As for my 2 pending issues, I demonstrated the problem to the reps when I dropped the car off. Even had a service rep drive the car around with me and he confirmed the rattle noise. When I got the car back... the invoice says "Mechanics could not replicate the problem". WTF. As for the crackling aero cap, my front driverside cap was crackling. I brought it in for service and they said they replaced the cap, but now the back driverside wheel is crackling. Makes me wonder if they didnt just swap the 2 caps.
Would definitely appreciate the owners here to post a checklist of what to look for when picking up the car... If that already exists please let me know....

Here's the issues when I picked up my car:

Problems with paint:
A LOT of scratches.
Excessive wax clumps.
Paint bump that needed to be sanded down.

Fit and Finish:
Misaligned hood.
Random numbers or series numbers embedded into the windshield (probably from a sticker that was left on there and baked in the sun, it took a long time to scrub out)

Ride Comfort:
VERY stiff suspension (heard this was fixed since early Jan with a revision to the springs and dampers)

Clicking noise when car is off (they said it was from a faulty coolant pump, replaced it)
Rattle from air vent behind steering wheel (still hasn't been fixed)
Aero cover crackling noise (they replaced the front cap, then it happened to the rear one so it's still a pending issue)

Bluetooth call issues (static noise when answering a call) - this was probably fixed with a software update. I experienced this during the first 2 weeks, but never since.
Screen doesnt turn on, requires hard reset (just happened 3 days ago)
4G LTE doesnt work, requires a reset