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Green Plates, HOV lanes and Hybrid issues

I contacted the SAAQ and they said they would correct the issue of Green plates being issued to non-eligible vehicles.

Currently, the only benefit in Quebec is acces to a single 5-km HOV lane in Quebec City and free street parking in two towns (Victoriaville and St-Jerome). HOV access is coming though to other routes, notably the 15 and the 25 in the Montreal area. Not sure if visitors with EVs are granted the same benefits.
The reward is basically a medal, if you are doing something amazing you receive a medal, my MS wears the ultimate badge of vehicles, the green plate.

Okay. I get that. In fact, this was kind of the same sentiment I got from people who saw my car with plain old blue number plates and asked why I didn't have green ones (it's a long, funny story why Tesla put blue plates on, but I'll not go in to that now). I really didn't care one way or the other, but so many people bugged me about it, I decided to go in to the MTO and have them swapped out for Green ones.