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Greetings from Northwest Indiana

It's been a whirlwind week...

Currently own a 2016 Lincoln MKX AWD TT. Long story short, I bought the Lincoln a few years back when credit was rough. I made a few stupid decisions when I was younger that led to me paying 9% on my auto loan. Over those few years I've been cleaning things up, getting everything better, and looking to move into a car I really wanted. I originally loved my Lincoln, but it's been in for service at least 3 times a year since I purchased it and there was no way I was risking owning that without a warranty. The wife knew I was looking at Tesla's, and encouraged me to go for a test drive.

I ended up driving MYP which was crazy quick, but being married with a toddler and another on the way I know that isn't the most responsible vehicle for me to own. Talked it over with the wife, told her I'd like to start the process with the deposit. See what my rates would be and I didn't expect to take delivery for a few months. She supported that decision. So I took the leap on Tuesday the 16th, put my deposit down, filled out all the info, and within minutes my phone rang. "Matched you with a vehicle already. You can pick it up at the end of next week! It has the heated steering wheel and the updated matte center console!". Oh and I got 2.19% from Wells Fargo. Was not expecting it to move that quickly, but given the test drive in the MYP, I shouldn't be surprised how quick that all happened.

Looking forward to being an active member in this community! I'm in Northwest Indiana but end up in Chicago and Michigan frequently, well, before COVID I was in both frequently. Hoping things return to normal soon enough!
Oh and I meant to add, I ordered the MYLR. Black on Black, 20" wheels, 5 Seats, No FSD (Will consider the subscription model, but really all I want is what would've been in the EAP offering. Hoping that comes back like it did in Q3 last year briefly).