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Grinding Noise when Traction Control Actuates

When your traction control is actuated does anybody else hear a grinding or scraping noise? I have a sharp upwards turn onto a road near my house and if the ground is a little wet I assume the traction control kicks in. I hear a noise that only lasts for a second that sounds like a mudflap scraping on the ground. I know its not the mudflats since the car has been making this noise since before I installed them. Just wondering if this is normal or if the TC is supposed to be quiet.
Does it sound like when ABS kicks in? I think traction control works together with ABS. I remember hearing the sound too when we were up in the snow with our Model X when one or two of the wheels were slipping.
Good point, it does sound similar to the ABS. I hadn't thought of that given I wasn't considering slowing down but rather accelerating and turning.