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Guidance - Hit and run

Apologies in advance for the long post...

While working a night shift at the hospital, my car was hit in the parking lot. I went out to check the car when my phone alerted me that something set off my alarm. It was dark and at the time I didn't notice anything obvious (like broken windows or scratches or dents). I viewed the footage from sentry and it showed a car backed into the right rear side of my car. From the footage, the car looked like it hit my car pretty hard, shaking the car and possibly even shifting the car's position! However, what was weird was that when I went to look at the area where it was hit, I couldn't see any obvious damage to the car... I went to the hospital Security office to see if they could get footage from their security surveillance to maybe get a better view of the person's plates but they said their camera was facing the wrong way that night 🤬. Because I had to get back to work, I tried not to worry about it too much especially since I didn't see any obvious damage to the car.

The next morning I went out to check the car in better lighting to evaluate the damage of my car. I could tell that the car had been hit directly on the rim/wheel. I'm worried that there might be some internal damage that I can't see and won't know about until later in the future where it might be too late to do anything about it.

1) Since I don't have the plate, I can try and figure out what the car make and model is that hit my car from the Sentry footage.
2) I can go back to Security and try and request to see footage from a few minutes before my car got hit of the guy and his friend from inside the hospital entrance/exit as they walked out to the parking lot to their cars to figure out if he is an employee there or just a patient/visitor.
3) If he's a employee there, I may be able to figure out who it is and hold them accountable.

1) If I can identify him as an employee that works at the hospital, should I file a police report on him and then get his insurance info?
2) Should I just contact my insurance either way just to let them know what happened? Not sure if I need to open a new claim since I don't see any really bad damage worth repairing?
3) Not sure how to proceed with this. I just don't want have to pay for hidden damage I don't see right now because I didn't take the necessary proactive steps to holding the guy accountable. I'm just thinking, what if my alignment is messed up now since he hit my rear right side wheel pretty hard. Not sure what damage it could have done to the car frame, suspension, or anything else.


Footage of guy walking to his car and then reversing into my car (right camera view)

Footage of guy walking to his car and then reversing into my car - 53 seconds into video (rear camera view)

Footage of car driving away after hit and run (rear camera view)

Footage of car driving away after hit and run - 15 seconds into video (right camera view)

Footage of car driving away after hit and run - 20 seconds into video (left camera view)
Stepping back, not every impact results in any actual damage. I'd get your car checked out for any hidden issues then decide whether or not to pursue with insurance et al.

If there is damage, and your workplace has a security team, contact them with the footage and see what their protocols are for a possible employee investigation or other cameras they may have with better footage of the vehicle and person walking to it. This may also be useful to the insurance company investigation.

Sorry about your misfortune and lack of responsibility by the other party.
Contact your insurance company. File a police report. Don’t bother playing amateur detective.
IMO only do these things if there is any real damage. Otherwise now you've got an accident / damage flag with your insurance company, and its a bit laughable to think the police will lift a finger to investigate or help even if there is unless you live in Mayberry circa 1955.
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I had near hit and run on I-5. I reported to highway patrol. Last time I checked the officer did not submit the report yet. Damage was minor and loss was less than my deductible. I have Tesla insurance- none knows what to do- call intaker is just accepting claim, then It gets tossed out to the 3rd party. I ended up forgetting about the scratch on back bumper. But it is frightening to realize that tesla insurance is less capable. And in case that I need to bring the car to the body shop it will be 2 hrs out of town. I will follow your post. Please keep us updated.
It's a white Toyota Camry 2011 - 2014 (pre-facelift for that generation). As someone else mentioned the plate is somewhat visible throughout the video, I can make out at least the last 3 characters.

I think you may have gotten lucky as far as where the impact was on your car, the height of the car's bumper, angle of impact, etc. It looks like that person was not going more than 2 - 3mph at the time of impact.

Also based on the video the only non-plastic exterior body panel that may have been affected is where the rear quarter panel meets the rear bumper. If the panels there is not not dented/deformed, and there is no paint damage in that area, then the only visible damage may be whatever is on your wheel.

While I would be worried too if it was my car, I don't know if realistically there would be major internal damage from this sort of impact. It was relatively low speed, and the contact was with the car's bumper. I think the more likely outcome would be that it screwed up your wheel alignment, or maybe worst case, messed up the bearing in that wheel.

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